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Moderator Migraine? Prevent Town Hall Troubles with BlueJeans Events

Ever notice that person speed walking from room to room on the morning of a town hall? Chances are it’s one of the event organizers. With a few thousand people simultaneously gathering for a virtual presentation, what could go wrong? A last-minute sick day from the would-be emcee? The CEO relaying mic-buzz complaints from an audience on standby? No pressure....What’s the hurry?

Anticipating the unexpected is half the battle for any event moderator. But what if you had 360-degree visibility into all attendee and presenter activities during the presentation? BlueJeans Events puts moderators in the control tower for a stress-free broadcast from start to finish.

Hypothetical Headaches

Let’s call today’s town hall moderator “Patricia.” Now, Patricia is no stranger to hosting big events. As a communications manager, it’s her job to orchestrate these company-wide presentations every month. Currently, Patricia’s company has no formal streaming events solution — these town halls are duct-taped together with various audio and web conferencing tools. Not surprisingly, most events aren’t picture perfect. We’ll single out common deficiencies with her town hall events, and where Patricia could’ve found better results with a modern solution.

Audio Drama? Hard Mute.

“Trisha, can we cut the other speakers’ microphones for now?”

Any town hall organizer who has struggled to silence unwanted noise from participants knows how hard it can be. Disruptive audio quickly derails the presentation when speakers compete with background chatter. This is a major weakness of legacy conferencing products. On these platforms the presenter frequently needs to stop their rhythm to ask for noise control. These conferencing systems require all individuals to manually mute their mics, rather than provide a quick fix from the moderator’s seat.

Using the BlueJeans Events solution, the moderator simply mutes all standby speakers with one simple click. The option to enable or disable audio is always available next to the person’s name. And just like that, the presenter sounds clear as a bell.

Crowd Control with Moderator Chat

“What’s going on, Trish? We can’t hear anything, Trish!”

Let’s say the town hall begins in a large auditorium with the CEO explaining goals for the fiscal year. All in-person attendees nod along in agreement. But the CEO’s silver bullets never reach the remote audience — every other word crackles and drops thanks to a hitch in the audio signal. Frustrated, many attendees drop off the call. Those remaining in the event send an endless barrage of emails, IMs, and DMs. Multiply these comments by 100 and the aggravated messages stack up.

Same scenario, different day — what would’ve happened with BlueJeans Events? All comments flow into the moderator chat window. A timely standby notice is sent to the audience, the backend audio change is made, and the CEO gracefully resumes speaking after a momentary pause.

Attendee Promotion

“Hey, Tricia? Let’s hear some attendee questions.”

The primary purpose of corporate town halls is to create alignment across the organization and break down the barriers between executives and employees. But if the moderator has no way to manage an audible Q&A session, these events can miss the mark. Q&A dialogue boxes come standard with many webcasting products, however that’s typically the only mode of communication between the presenters and the audience. These text-only constraints put walls around leadership teams by creating minimal accessibility. Wasn’t that the exact opposite goal of the town hall to begin with?

BlueJeans Events has a unique on-the-fly attendee promotion feature. Meaning, if someone in the audience would like to ask a question or make a comment on camera, they simply click to raise their hand. The event moderator then promotes them to a presenter and they’re able to share their video and ask the question live.

Modernize Your Town Halls

Remove the chance for unnecessary error by using a best-in-class town hall product. The BlueJeans Events solution gives moderators control and confidence to host a flawless event. “Wow, Patty! We’ve never filled the seats like that! Great job managing this event for us.”

“Thanks. And the name’s Patricia.”

Want the collaborative features of a meeting platform with the scalability of a broadcast? Connect multiple live speakers with large audiences through an immersive video experience. Try BlueJeans Events today.