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The Importance of Culture Within an Organization

Coworkers Fist Bumping in Office

As a rising college junior, my exposure to the business world has been limited. However, during my internship with BlueJeans, I have acquired a vast range of business insight from seasoned veterans. I have worked closely with the marketing and sales development teams and have gained an immense amount of knowledge and hands-on experience. Developing skills in platforms like Marketo and Salesforce has been instrumental to my future success, but the most valuable lesson that I have learned is just how essential culture is within an organization.

BlueJeans is an organization that thrives on a culture that stresses community and connectedness. Every task assigned to me was accompanied by an in-depth explanation of the relevance of the work and how my project fit into the greater goals of the company. Immediately, I felt like a valued member of the team, fostering an attitude of accountability in producing work that would benefit specific company objectives. It is clear to me that successful company culture is reliant on the ability to easily communicate between employees and departments, both with on-site and remote coworkers.  

Cultivating a company-wide mindset of interconnectivity between employees speaks volumes about how BlueJeans embodies the ideals of video conferencing. Video conferencing enables communities to greatly increase communication, resulting in a more interlinked workforce that is dedicated to producing results that benefit the common goals shared between employees. 

That said, BlueJeans wouldn’t be what it is without… BlueJeans. The BlueJeans product line is essential to both keeping the interconnected company culture alive and to strengthening it. My most profound first-hand experience using BlueJeans is when I had questions about a task, but the person who oversaw the project was 30,000 feet in the air on a cross-country flight. Without hesitation, I pinged her and asked if she could explain a few areas of the project that I was confused about. Within minutes, we were on a BlueJeans video call. Not only were my questions answered with an ease only possible through video conferencing, but the product worked exceptionally well, even in the air! 

And that was not the only time that BlueJeans contributed to productivity. Throughout my internship, I worked with a number of employees who work in various offices around the world. Frequently, I connected with the sales development team based in the United Kingdom. Strong communication with this team was essential to the success of certain projects that I worked on, and BlueJeans video conferencing eliminated hurdles that are typically associated with international communication. Through video conferencing, I was able to participate in face-to-face interactions with international employees, gaining valuable insights into a new professional climate. BlueJeans breeds a culture of helpfulness and dependability, allowing work to function smoothly and effectively across the globe.

My summer internship at BlueJeans has been an incomparable experience. I have acquired an immense amount of knowledge on important business tools and skills while gaining hands-on exposure to what it takes for a company to be successful. Video conferencing was instrumental to my integration into the BlueJeans culture, and will be something I always value as I move forward in my career.

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