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Impacting the Future of Work with Technology

As we continue discussing what digital transformation means for the future of work on the BlueJeans City Tour, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that the future is about collaboration. In a world dominated by technology, it is essential for tools to work together in order to encourage higher productivity. Those that fail to innovate and interoperate will struggle, while those that work with others will continue to thrive. 

Here at BlueJeans, we pride ourselves on our relationships with our technical partners. We understand how important it is for our users to be able to work how and where they want, with whatever tools they choose. And our partners feel the same way. 

We sat down with executives from each Think Forward partner to ask one question: what is one major prediction for the future of work, and how do you see your organization addressing it? Take a look at how companies from Dolby Laboratories to Facebook are redefining the future of work with the products and tools they create.

Dolby Laboratories

Andrew Border, Dolby Laboratories“There has been a big shift over the past several years as to what constitutes the modern workplace. With the advancement of technology and companies moving towards more distributed workforces, it is becoming even more important for organizations to achieve the right balance to encourage collaboration while also equally supporting onsite and remote workers. This desire for a more flexible work environment will only continue to grow in the coming years and shouldn’t negate the need for workers to feel connected to the company, its culture, and the wider workforce. 

Dolby Voice Room is perfectly situated to address this trend. The next best thing to in-person meetings is video conferencing. Video has a distinct advantage over other forms of communication in its ability to capture a wide range of information—verbal, written, data, as well as non-verbal/facial cues. Dolby Voice Room is a video conferencing solution that is easy to install, manage, and use while also intelligently flexing to various scenarios to provide an amazing, natural, and productive meeting experience. It overcomes key challenges faced by meeting participants and by IT that cripple productivity such as unintelligible audio, shadowy video, distracting background noise, poorly framed views of participants, and confusing interfaces on jumbled hardware kits. By providing staff with a solution such as Dolby Voice Room, companies are able to help employees communicate as naturally as possible and make them feel they are part of a team, therefore seeing more collaboration, higher rates of productivity, accelerated rates of innovation and ultimately, an increase in profitability.”
Andrew Border, Vice President, Communications Business Group


Adrian Cable, Kaptivo“Remote collaboration will become an ever more essential workflow as companies of all sizes focus on improving workplace productivity and efficiency. Kaptivo bridges the gap between two leading productivity tools: the humble dry-erase whiteboard and modern video conferencing systems. For the first time, whiteboarding can be used as part of your remote collaboration workflow, seamlessly integrating work created on a whiteboard with your BlueJeans Rooms.”
Adrian Cable, CTO and President


Scott Wharton, Logitech“Today, most hiring is done within a 30-mile radius of headquarters. This is despite the fact that great talent is often not local but spread out around the country and the world. In fact, company hiring is often heavily concentrated at headquarters with 80% of workers central and only 20% distributed. 

I see a future where this ratio is flipped. Only a small, specialized skills group will be at HQ (maybe 20%) and the rest of the employees will be around the world in centers of excellence. To keep the groups productive, they will use video collaboration such as Logitech and BlueJeans as the default—rarely using audio conference calls any more. Video allows the company to hire the best and brightest anywhere AND keep them productive and included in the workflow conversations.”
Scott Wharton, VP & General Manager, Video Collaboration Group

Workplace by Facebook

Anand Dass, Workplace by Facebook“We've identified six key attributes we believe will be at the heart of successful organizations in the future. One of these is that the future of work will be open by default. In fact, 81% of young people say they'd choose an employer that values open communication over one that offers perks like free food and gym memberships. 

But when a senior manager uses email to communicate to the whole team, no one hits 'Reply All'. It's closed communication. And the message that sends to employees is: ‘Don't reply.’ That same memo posted to a Group on Workplace by Facebook is different. It has a box underneath that says ‘Write a comment’. Even easier, it has a 'Like' button—the most simple and universal method of engagement we’ve ever known. It invites you by default to be heard, to share, to have a voice.”
Anand Dass, Global Head of Platform Partnerships

Yamaha Unified Communications

Holger Stoltze, Yamaha Unified Communications“Today, the technology that is having a major impact on our work life is artificial intelligence (AI). The next evolution uses facial recognition to allow video conferencing platforms to automatically identify the meeting participants. Other capabilities will combine audio and video information to create new automated services and data, such automated transcriptions that also identify who is speaking. 

At Yamaha, we are constantly brainstorming and innovating on these new technologies like AI to support the best user experience for unified applications. With our strong position in the AV market, we are well poised to make these features of the future a reality, creating products that support our customers with the best available technology.”
Holger Stoltze, Senior Director of Technical Sales and Marketing

As you can see, the future of work lies in innovative technologies, close collaboration, and the use of artificial intelligence to make people more productive. BlueJeans is excited to be on this journey with our partners, and we’re looking forward to working together to lead with one foot in the present and the other in the future.

Learn more about how each of these partners is thinking about the workplace of the future at the Think Forward series. Each organization will be presenting their unique products and integrations with BlueJeans in both of our events in Dallas and San Francisco.

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