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Illumina Collaborates on DNA Using BlueJeans Rooms with Dolby Voice

Today is National DNA Day, which was created to commemorate the successful completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003 and the discovery of DNA's double helix in 1953.

The more we invest in genetics and genomics research as a society, the more we realize that there are some pretty cool things we can learn about one another through analyzing DNA—like finding out where our ancestors came from or determining our likelihood of developing certain diseases. What we are able to discover today has the potential to help people tomorrow. How cool is that?!

Illumina, a global leader in DNA sequencing and array-based technologies, is all too familiar with the endless possibilities that can come from studying the human genome. The company is focused on improving human health by “unlocking the power of the genome.”

As such, Illumina’s products are used for applications in the life sciences, oncology, reproductive health, agriculture and other emerging segments related to health. Employing the world’s top scientists, researchers, and engineers, Illumina’s globally dispersed workforce of over 8,000 people—spread across 7 countries and 16 distribution centers—solves scientific problems through a culture of innovation.

One of the first things you’ll notice walking into Illumina’s headquarters is that there are no office rooms—It’s an open floor plan designed to improve accessibility and collaboration. This was done by design to complement different working styles. Because with innovation, like people, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. 

There are, however, lots of huddle spaces. The desire for better cross-continental collaboration ultimately led Illumina CIO and Head of Global Facilities, Norm Fjeldheim, to replacing the company’s outmoded telecoms and web conferencing systems with BlueJeans Rooms with Dolby Voice. With so many people across offices and time zones, he wanted to make sure Illumina’s fast-paced collaboration environment reflected the speed and culture of innovation at the company.

Today, the company has outfitted 200 spaces with BlueJeans and Dolby Voice Room so that employees never have to worry about conducting a meeting with poor audio and video quality, wherever and whenever they meet.

Illumina’s “work from anywhere” mindset is also reflected in how employees use their conference rooms. Boosting employee satisfaction, adoption, and productivity, BlueJeans Rooms with Dolby Voice makes meeting with coworkers in multiple offices—often across time zones—as easy as a single touch.  

This hassle-free approach has allowed Illumina to grow. With the help of BlueJeans' support and scalability, the BlueJeans platform is now deployed across all campuses and global offices. Beyond the company’s conference rooms and huddle spaces, BlueJeans Events is now being used for all monthly town halls. Furthermore, in addition to using BlueJeans for global communication, Illumina uses Workplace by Facebook—a BlueJeans integration partner.

Workplace is the platform for many of Illumina’s groups discussions, instant messaging, and relevant news feed updates. With BlueJeans embedded directly into the platform, employees are able to “go live” in one of those groups to instantly connect with employees worldwide. If you happen to miss the meeting or want to re-watch parts, you can go onto Workplace to find the content.

“BlueJeans has been a core part of our technology shift. It enables people to collaborate virtually, not just over audio. Looking at where we were, at something like 5,000 meeting hours per month, we’ve doubled that with BlueJeans. That’s been a testament to how popular the platform is.” – Norm Fjeldheim, Illumina CIO and Head of Global Facilities

Every day, Illumina’s employees drive scientific innovation—embracing change and creating projects at breakneck speed. Successful business outcomes rely on quality information and the transmission of knowledge between multiple parties. At BlueJeans, we are proud to be able to provide that for Illumina to support all of the great work they’re doing to transform human health.

So today, let us celebrate Illumina and all of the latest advances in genomic research that will impact our lives and the lives of future generations. Thanks for all you do, Illumina team!

To learn more, read the full case study and watch this video highlighting Illumina’s use case.