Earlier this week we hosted the fourth session in our multipoint video conferencing series, How to Identify the Right Endpoint Mix for Your Organization. In it we discussed some criteria when trying to identify the right endpoint mix:

- Location: Will the endpoint be in a board room or on a desktop (hardware or software), or used from a mobile device?

- Capabilities: Is the solution interoperable or standards-based? What are the top features? What is the upgrade path?

- Usage Model: Will this be a dedicated system or will it be a shared resource? Self-service or managed by dedicated IT?

- Cost: Does the solution require infrastructure beyond the endpoint itself? Are there additional license costs for features?

-Deployment & Support: Is BYOD or BYOA an option? What is there to consider when you start having more of these scenarios in your network?

These are just some of the key considerations with regards to selecting the right endpoint mix. Want to learn more? View the on-demand videocast here