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Hugo and BlueJeans Deliver an Integrated Meeting Workflow

At BlueJeans, our goal is to help our customers increase their productivity so they can be more effective at their job. This is why made a big bet on video-enabled meetings, and our customers have told us it’s had a huge impact in how they run their business. We’re also focused on building a platform that allows the power of our video meetings to be integrated into the workflows and tools that our customers use every day.

Combining these two themes, productivity improvement and open platforms, can lead to an exponentially positive impact on a company’s bottom line. For this reason, on Monday we announced the BlueJeans App Network, which includes one of our latest partner integrations—Hugo.

Hugo provides a common platform for teams to save and share meeting insights in real-time. Hugo breaks down team silos by providing one centralized place for company “meeting knowledge” to be stored. From there, the insights can be actively shared with those who weren't in the room and/or trigger action requests to collaborators using the team’s favorite apps.

What typically happens in meetings, beyond making decisions on critical projects and (hopefully) closing action items? Taking notes. We all do it, but we often each use our own “app of choice” or even still go old-school and use pen and paper! We take our own notes based on our point of reference, and those notes tend to differ slightly from that of coworkers. Sometimes we even jot down the wrong action item or forget to log it altogether. Not that I’ve ever been guilty of such thing…

Hugo, who leveraged BlueJeans’ open APIs to create an integration with BlueJeans, allows users to actively collaborate on note taking and make meeting insights available to all.

The integration syncs your meetings directly from your calendar into Hugo, allowing customers to join their BlueJeans meetings directly from Hugo and collaborate and share note-taking with all participants within the Hugo interface—yes, even those who couldn’t attend the meeting!

The future of work is rapidly changing, and modern businesses are looking to increase productivity. Adding a highly collaborative tool to save and share meeting insights to BlueJeans is a leap forward in the productive meetings experience.

To learn more about how Hugo and BlueJeans deliver an integrated workflow that enables a truly immersive meeting experience, check out this BlueJeans and Hugo integration demo video. Interested in trying it for yourself? Visit Hugo on the BlueJeans App Network today!