Integrating applications to improve workflows for end users and admins is a concept BlueJeans loves to live by. Why change from a familiar location or application where you’re already focused? Our newest product feature for BlueJeans Events propels this idea into new territory for large-scale live streaming. Now, you can embed the viewing experience into your website, blog post, or intranet page. Customization is king for web events and your content looks better on your domain than it does on ours!

Host on Your Site, Not Ours
Attendees can now join your BlueJeans Event from the web page of your choice. Keep your all-hands meetings or corporate town hall broadcasts located on an internal webpage, rather than at If hosting a marketing webinar, drive traffic to your website or a blog article for a uniform brand experience from start to finish. No matter where you decide to embed and stream your next BlueJeans Event, the surrounding display reflects the look and feel of your business.

Customizable Playback and Branding
Pre-, during-, and post-event color options are completely editable during the setup process. Background, text, and button colors can be easily changed to match the BlueJeans Events player with your brand. Simply select the hex code from each menu option and customize the player to fit your company’s color scheme.

Promote Internally or Externally
Send your viewers to Sharepoint, Google Drive, Box for Business, Confluence, or any other internal portal to keep streaming content in a familiar place. If using BlueJeans Events for marketing purposes, gate the presentation with a registration form and embed directly within your website. Improve the attendee experience by streaming from your web page to avoid off-brand distractions and domain confusion.

Want to stream live video and shared content to any webpage or internal site? Try this great new feature for BlueJeans Events today!