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Not Your Father’s Path To A College Degree

Suffice to say, it’s been a while since I attended college. Since it’s not polite for you to ask how long it’s been let me put it this way, my son is currently in his freshman year.

Yes, a lot has changed since the days when I cruised campus--rushing from class to class and building to building. In fact, that’s probably one of the biggest changes or innovations: In many cases students don’t have to show up at an actual classroom anymore.

Many colleges and universities now offer online courses where the power of video collaboration has allowed students to take in a professor’s lecture, complete with document sharing of the lecture notes and presentation materials, from the comfort of their own dorm room. And, should they miss that dreaded 8am Marketing 101 class due to being ill (read too much fun the previous night) they now have the option of watching a recording of the professor’s lecture at their own convenience (read the night before the midterm exam).

Furthermore, professors are now hosting virtual office hours via video allowing for more flexibility. Much like we’ve enjoyed in the corporate world, these tools provide professors with the flexibility to work from home, the coffee shop or frankly anywhere they like while still remaining accessible to students.

This flexibility also translates into the student’s ability to have group study sessions. No longer do they need to find a quiet space in the corner of the library where someone inevitably shushes them for being too loud. Now the group can meet face-to-face remotely, in virtual study rooms at a time of their choosing.

Yeah, the college experience is a bit different from back in the day that’s for sure. And, for the most part it’s better due to technologies like the video enabled classroom.

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Now if only these technologies can bring down the price of tuition...