Virtual Whiteboard

Imagine you run a manufacturing business – and you need to visualize how a vendor’s equipment integrates with your existing workflow. Unless the vendor comes to the shop floor, this process could prove challenging or ineffective. Yet with virtual collaboration tools, it’s now possible for organizations of all sizes and industries to eliminate these barriers to sales, marketing, leadership, and communication – from anywhere.
BlueJeans Collab Board is one such tool enabling teams to collaborate virtually in real time using an online whiteboard that’s always available. Whether you want to give distributed teams the ability to generate ideas or transfer knowledge – or need to plan a campaign with a client on another continent – Collab Board takes you out of the silo and connects you with those most important to your work.

Here is an example of Collab Board in action. 

Collaboration Board

Collab Board makes it possible to visually work together with other people an on infinite canvas – using images, shapes, post-its, screenshots, and drawing tools to represent ideas, flows, processes, timelines, hierarchies, priorities, and plans.
To get an idea of how you can use BlueJeans Collab Board for virtual collaboration, here are a few steps to follow:
1.     Log in to a BlueJeans Meeting. Once you are logged in to a BlueJeans Meeting, you will be able to create a new Collab Board or share an existing one. Simply hover with your mouse or tap with your finger in the upper right corner of the meeting window, click on “Apps”, then click “Start” in the Collab Board tile. Next, select a board from the list, or click on “New Board” if you want to create a brand-new board for this meeting.
2.     Start collaborating. Once you create or share a board within the meeting, attendees will be able to see and interact with the board. If you do not wish to enable collaboration right away, you can navigate to “Settings” within the meeting app and make the necessary adjustments.
As people begin to use the digital whiteboard, you will see their name affixed to a cursor that indicates where they are working. Encourage attendees to make full use of the tools to create and edit their contributions, including adding screenshots, images, and videos to lend clarity and depth to the board. Up to 25 people can work on the board at the same time.
3.     Continue the work offline. Once your meeting is over, anyone you have added to the Collab Board will be able to continue their work offline, on any device. Contributions to the board are auto saved to the BlueJeans cloud, so there’s no need to worry about lost work or progress.
4.     Share with others. Collab Boards can be shared with up to 1,000 people, so you can easily transfer knowledge or communicate with a larger audience when ready. Bring it to your next virtual meeting to show progress or invite additional collaboration. The online whiteboard is fluid, flexible, and a helpful way for everyone to visualize the important details.  
Try the BlueJeans Collab Board – For Free
If you already subscribe to BlueJeans Meetings, you can start using Collab Board any time by following the steps listed above. Or, you can try Collab Board right away with a free trial of BlueJeans Meetings.