How to Go Live on YouTube

If you’re already using a video conferencing platform to conduct virtual meetings or events, you might be wondering how to go live on YouTube. Read our guide below to learn about the benefits of live streaming for business, how to enable your YouTube account to stream live, and how to live stream on YouTube using three different methods: webcams, mobile devices, and encoders.

Benefits of Streaming Live on YouTube 

Benefits of learning how to go live on YouTube include:

Simplicity. Streaming live on YouTube is an easy and cost effective way to connect with your audience. Anyone with an internet connection can create a YouTube channel for free and live stream to it.

Wider outreach. YouTube live streaming lets you reach a larger audience. There are no limits on the number of people who can watch a YouTube live stream simultaneously.

Real time interaction. Live stream viewers can interact with the host, and vice versa. The live chat feature sparks conversation between presenters, moderators, and attendees, and can help guide the content of the stream.

Data analysis. YouTube live streams provide real-time and post-live analytics that provide insights to apply to your next live stream. Data like user duration and demographics help you learn who’s watching your live streams and for how long.

SEO opportunities. YouTube videos show up in Google search results. Your live streams can be searchable and optimized for SEO if you choose.

Practical Businesses Uses for YouTube Live Streaming 

Businesses can use live streaming to create brand awareness and connect with employees, stakeholders, clients, and consumers. Companies that stream to youtube live can host interviews with industry leaders, conduct live Q&A sessions, debut or demonstrate products, provide educational events to draw users to their website, live stream offline events, plus much more - the possibilities are endless.

Understanding How to Live Stream to YouTube 

The first step to streaming live via YouTube is to enable your YouTube account for live streaming. This must be done well in advance, so don’t wait until you’re ready to stream your event to take this crucial initial step.

1.    First, verify your YouTube account
2.    Next, enable live streaming
3.    Wait 24 hours for live streaming to become activated on your account

Three Ways to Stream Via YouTube Live 

There are three primary recording options for YouTube Live streaming:

Web cam - The camera on your laptop or device is an easy, software-free way to record.

Mobile cam - The camera on your mobile device is just as easy, but mobile live streaming is restricted to YouTube accounts with 1,000 subscribers or more.

Encoder streaming - An encoder is a tool that creates a digital copy of your video that can be transmitted over the internet. There are two types of encoders for streaming video: hardware encoders and software encoders.

Which method you choose will be based on several factors, including how often you live stream, the purpose of your stream, and the level of quality you desire for your stream. Encoder hardware, for example, can deliver professional results through the use of equipment like multiple cameras and microphones, but can be cost prohibitive. Encoder software, however, can deliver high quality streams without the high price tag. For the occasional streamer, webcam or mobile streaming will usually meet all of their basic needs.

Once you’ve decided on your streaming method, verified your YouTube account, and enabled live streaming, you’re ready to learn how to go live on YouTube. You can choose to start streaming live immediately or schedule a live stream for the future.

How to Stream on YouTube Via Webcam

1.    Sign into your YouTube account
2.    Click the camcorder icon and select “Go Live”
3.    Select Webcam.
4.    Enter a title, description, and privacy settings (select More Options > Advanced Settings for additional settings)
5.    Click Next. (Your webcam will take a thumbnail for the stream)
6.    Make sure you’ve chosen the correct webcam and microphone.
7.    Click Go Live.
8.    To stop, click the End Stream button

To access or launch a scheduled live stream, go to the Live Control room and select Manage.

All streams under 12 hours will be automatically archived. You can access previous, current, and upcoming streams in the Live Tab.

How to Stream on YouTube Via Mobile Device

Note: To live stream on mobile, your channel will need to have at least 1,000 subscribers.

1.    Sign into your account through the YouTube app
2.    Select the plus sign and then “Go Live”
3.    Select “More Options” and then “Show more” to enter a title, description, and privacy settings
4.    Select “Next”
5.    To stream your phone’s screen, select “Create channel” and then “Share screen”
6.    Select “Go live”
7.    To stop, click “Finish” and then OK

To access or launch a scheduled live stream, select “Create” then “Go Live”. Select the calendar and then your scheduled live stream, then “Go Live”.

How to Stream on YouTube Via Encoder

1.    Install encoder hardware or software
2.    Connect your additional hardware (cameras, microphones, headsets) to your encoder
3.    Go to YouTube Studio and select “Go Live” then “Stream”
4.    Edit your stream and click “Create stream”
5.    In your encoder stream settings, if you see the option to stream to YouTube, choose that. If not, copy the stream URL from YouTube and paste it into your encoder's stream settings where it says Stream Key.
6.    Start the stream with your encoder and go live

If you’ve live streamed before, your previous stream key will automatically load, which means you won’t need to update your encoder each time you stream.

How to Secure Your Live Stream

If you’re worried about security, there are some simple steps that you can take to make sure your content only reaches your intended audience. When you live stream, you can choose from the following options:

Public: Anyone can search for and view your stream
Unlisted: Anyone with the link can view your stream
Private: Only you can view your stream

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