Business owners are constantly looking for innovative technology to encourage a productive workforce, so knowing how to screen record makes sense. In business, we are doing work remotely, which means there is a greater need for data that is accessible at any time, from any location. For your employees, learning how to do screen recording is a way to unlock the attributes of real productivity. In what ways does knowing how to record your screen offer solutions?
Why You Should Use Screen Recording
Once your staff members understand how to use screen recording, they will have an instant resource making it easier for them to perform their jobs. Screen recording technology can assist your team in many ways:
Connect Remote Employees
The trend in working remotely is increasing. It means your workforce team will spend more time together in a "virtual" space than in a physical office. Employees are more productive when they have instant access to other team members, information, and data. Screen recording provides records of vital information.
Team Collaboration
Project collaboration is essential when conducting business efficiently and knowing how to screen record exempts your staff members from the requirement of working from adjoining cubicles. They can track projects or developments with a prospect from a single, shared location. Sharing documents and conducting discussions in this way is a time-saver.
Increase Organization
One of the biggest time losses in productivity happens when searching through files and spreadsheets for important information. When your employees know how to set up a screen record they can capture shared documents and links to necessary data. Everyone working from the same knowledge base means they are compliant, aware, and effective.
Consistent Employee Training
Getting your employees off to a great start means providing all the training they need early on. Screen recording allows you to provide consistent training across the board. It also gives you the ability to keep everyone apprised of news, events, changes in company policies, and new innovations. It contributes to great company culture.
How to Screen Record
Before you hit the record button on your BlueJeans software, take the steps to ensure you will have the best video and audio recording.
Use these tips to improve how you look:
  • Take care of your personal appearance and grooming
  • Wear solid colors rather than busy plaids or patterns, but not bright white or dark black
  • Sit in front of a plain, non-distracting background
  • Avoid lights or windows behind you
  • Sit back from the camera to avoid the wide-angle effect
  • Use one lamp directly in front of your face, or sit facing a window
  • Place the camera at eye level
Use these tips to improve your sound:
  • Place your recording device in a quiet location
  • Avoid open windows or outdoor areas
  • Adjust your mic to sound clear, but not so close your breathing is audible
  • Avoid shuffling papers, opening and closing books, moving items on the table
  • Refrain from typing on your computer or sending text messages from your phone
  • Silence the ringer and notification sounds on your cell phone
  • Ensure the volume is loud enough on your mic
How to Turn on Screen Recording
As the moderator of a meeting, you will see a grey "Start Rec & Highlights" button in the top-left corner of your BlueJeans screen.
  • When you are ready to begin the recording, click on "Start Rec & Highlights"
  • You will hear a verbal notification and see a text banner announcing that the recording has started
  • During the session, you will see a red flashing light as long as the recording is on
  • To end the recording, click on the same button on the top left of the screen
Screen Recording is an Investment in Your Business
Productivity influences your operational costs, profits, employee retention, and customer satisfaction. It affects your work environment, brand identity, and employee experience. As your workplace demands increase and working remotely puts a strain on employee engagement, knowing how to screen record helps your business evolve.