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When and How To Do a Conference Call: 4 Must Haves

Thanks to the recent surge in work-from-home/remote work policies and the rise of the gig economy, conference calling services have become a major part of our everyday work life. And—with so many great communications and collaboration technologies available to those looking to host or join a meeting—the right solution for any situation has never been more readily accessible.

However, while second nature to many in the enterprise, many users still need to ask tech support for assistance when setting up and joining conference calls—especially when using a new service. As such, we’ve compiled four conference calling “must haves” to help you set expectations for what’s possible:

  1. Click-to-Join Simplicity
    Today’s online conference calling should be hassle-free, meaning users should be able to join via a simplified URL link, with no additional software to download and install. This helps remove the frustration and complexity of joining and encourages higher attendance and prompt start times.
  1. Device Flexibility
    Essentially, any device that can access the Internet can be used to host or participate in an online conference call. This means traditional room systems, mobile devices, and laptops all have the capacity to deliver a simple, intuitive, and high quality, conference calling experience.
  1. Invitation Efficiency
    In advance of the conference call, hosts should be able to easily create and automatically share the meeting agenda with attendees. This information can be delivered via email, text chat or automated calendar message, along with the meeting URL link, and usually includes the date/time of the call, its objective, and the attendee list.
  1. Multiple Hosts & Screen Sharing
    More than one person can host during the same online conference call. With a one-touch transfer of audio, screen-sharing, and remote desktop control, various people can host, as well as present, throughout the call.  

Must haves like these are helping to define modern conference calling and are central to the BlueJeans Meetings solution. Engineered to make joining or hosting conference calls simple and hassle-free, BlueJeans lets users connect with fellow employees, as well as anyone outside their organization, even those without a BlueJeans account!

IT departments and tech support teams everywhere can now encourage employees and clients to use BlueJeans to easily join and schedule their own conference calls.

Feeling ready to test it out for yourself? Let BlueJeans conference calling improve employee collaboration, increase meeting productivity, and reduce your overall IT spend—try a meeting today!