How to Teleconference

Teleconferencing is becoming more and more of a vital service for businesses as technology enables company workers from around the world to collaborate on projects from multiple endpoints and acquiring and retaining talent relies on the benefits that you're able to offer. The ability to work remotely is considered a major appeal for many skilled workers. In order to take advantage of this powerful communication tool, however, requires someone who knows how to set up a teleconference and ensure that it runs quickly. Read on for more information about how to teleconference using BlueJeans.

How to Set Up a Teleconference

As with the introduction of any new technology into the workforce, before you begin providing the teleconference capabilities to your team, it is best to begin introducing them to the idea and helping them to understand the productivity boost and other benefits to be gained from learning how to teleconference. Additional activities that can help you to garner the important employee buy-in for teleconferencing include allowing your team to attend the vendor's live training events, and creating your own training via video, printed information, and question and answer sessions that can take place either in-person or virtually.
Once you've done the preparatory work, it is time to set up your first teleconference, using the following steps:
1. Adjusting Your Account Settings
In order to set up a teleconference using BlueJeans' web-based platform, you will first need an account. You will then have access to your settings. In addition to setting up your profile information, you will also want to access your account settings to do the following:
  • Choose which dial-in numbers you would like to publish in your invites
  • Allow telephone participants
  • Change your moderator passcode (optional)
  • Determine if you want audible alerts if participants join or leave the teleconference
  • Mute participants on entry, if desired
  • Show participant names in email
You can also determine other conditions for your teleconference, such as whether you want to encrypt the meeting and enable audio recording.
2. Scheduling Your Meeting
Meetings can be scheduled directly from your Outlook or Google calendar once you've downloaded the appropriate add-on for the calendaring platform that you use. Integrating your BlueJeans app with your calendar allows you to see the meetings you have scheduled as well as those you have been invited to participate in.
3. Joining a Meeting
If you're the one who set up the meeting, you will be the moderator by default and moderator controls will be made available to you as soon as you join the meeting. You can join a meeting in the following ways:
  • From the desktop app
  • From a room system using a laptop
  • Dialing into the meeting from a desk phone or mobile device, with or without video
4. Managing Your Meeting
Once you've scheduled and joined your meeting, your teleconference can begin. As moderator, you have a number of tools, including the ability to mute all participants, change layouts, remove individuals from the meeting or lock the meeting so that no one else can attend, and to record the meeting.
All participants of the meeting also have tools that enable them to invite others, share their screen with other participants of the meeting, switch their meeting connection to phone, mute the camera, leave the meeting, and view the meeting roster.
BlueJeans Can Help
With BlueJeans, setting up a teleconference with your staff is simple, but the benefits that this option provides to your company as a whole are enormous. Contact us today for more information about what teleconferencing can do for your company.