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How to Select the Right Meetings Solution for Your Business

There is no denying the fact that meetings make us more productive. Whether they are small team meetings or large company-wide townhalls, meetings provide us with the framework we need to share information, discuss ideas, and make decisions. Whether you love them or hate them, meetings are here to stay. In fact, there are an estimated 55 million meetings held every single day in the United States alone.

But with increased globalization and more employees working remotely, it can be hard to find a time (or a place) where everyone can meet. And while conferencing calling has bridged the gap to some extent, there are times when people must meet face-to-face. This is when a meetings platform that combines video, audio, and web conferencing can make the difference.

But how do you choose a meetings solution for your organization? What features are most important, and how will they impact the productivity of your team?  Take these steps to help start the search process.

Evaluate Your Current Environment

The first step in determining which meetings platform is right for your team is discovering what it needs to replace. Are you looking to eliminate conference calls? Is screen sharing a tool that you use every day through your current tool? How are your conference rooms set up, and will the meetings platform need to work with these spaces? Evaluating your current environment will showcase what you need to consider when looking for a replacement for (or supplement to) how you are currently conducting meetings.

Determine Business Needs

Once you have evaluated your current environment, the next thing to consider is what you want this new tool to do for you organization. Is it meant for small team meetings between employees? Will it be used for larger external meetings with partners, vendors, or customers? Will you be using it for larger townhall or all-hands meetings? How many people will need to join at one time—three or three hundred? Determining how you intend to use the meetings platform will help eliminate the tools that will not meet your needs.

Utilize Free Trials

By evaluating your current environment to determine what you do not want, and then outlining your business needs to determine what you do want, you are in the perfect position to find the solution that will meet your needs. The next thing to do is try them! The best way to research which platform will work best for your team is to complete a hands-on evaluation. Download the applications, send meeting invitations, see how well the video works over a poor connection and how well the audio works in a noisy environment. This evaluation will help you see which features are most important and which will help make you (and your team) more productive.

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