Screen Recording Mac

With online meetings and working from home increasingly becoming standard operating procedures for many companies, employees are having to learn how to deal with the new way of working. That means learning how to use features of their devices that they may not have had a use for previously. When you're in a meeting or collaborating with colleagues who aren't in the same room as you, you need to use technology to be able to share ideas with others. One way to do that is to record your screen, allowing you to share it with your co-workers. Here are ways to screen record on Mac.
How to screen record on Mac
If you're using a Mac, Apple has provided you with a native screen recording capability. To do it, you have to open the Screenshot toolbar by using the Shift+Command+5 key combination. Once in the toolbar, click on the icon, which changes your cursor to a camera. From there, select a screen to begin recording that screen. Alternatively, you can click Record in the onscreen controls. You have two options to stop recording. Either click the icon or press Command+Control+Esc. Ending the recording gives you a thumbnail, which you can use to edit the screen recording.
How to screen record on Mac using BlueJeans
If you're looking for a more advanced way to record your Mac screen, then BlueJeans has the option for you. Unlike Apple's native option, BlueJeans allows you to record an entire meeting, not just your screen. If you are the meeting's moderator, you can use the BlueJeans desktop app to control the recording. Here are the details:
  • Click the "Start Rec & Highlights" button in the top left corner to begin the recording, which also notifies all participants that the recording is underway.
  • An optional Auto-Recording feature can automatically start the recording when the meeting begins if enabled.
  • The Meeting Recorder captures all audio, video, and content -- including Screen Share and Video Share -- from the host's perspective.
  • All moderators can control the recording, which is done in two-hour intervals called Chapters. Once two hours have passed, a new Chapter begins. That cycle is repeated until the recording is ended.
  • Any moderator can stop the recording by clicking on the recording button a second time, at which time all meeting participants are notified that the recording has ended. If the recording is stopped and restarted during the meeting, a new Chapter is created once the recording resumes.
When the meeting concludes or all recording has ceased, the rendering and processing of the recording begins, which takes 15 minutes for each hour recorded. Once the recording has finished processing, the meeting organizer receives an email from with a link to his or her recordings, which are sorted by most recent by default. The organizer can share the recording with individuals or groups of their choosing.
Find out how BlueJeans can help you
If your organization has a lot of people working from home and participating in many online meetings, BlueJeans has the best solutions for you. The software builds upon what is available natively in your device's operating system, and it has features that can't be found in similar software suites. If you need to be able to screen record on a Mac, we have an easy-to-use and thorough solution that will do it better than the built-in screen recording option that is found natively in the macOS. Contact us today, and one of the experts on our team will be in touch to let you know why our software is the right solution for you.