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How Human Resources Use Our Video Conference Services

Way back in 1876, a man named Alexander Graham Bell invented the first device for long distance collaboration: the telephone. He would be shocked to find that 140 years later, communication has stepped out of the world of science fiction and into the real world. We now have the ability to communicate face to face with anyone across great distances via video conference cameras and other various telecom services. Not only is it a possibility – it is a common and everyday piece of how companies conduct business.

Nearly all sectors of business can benefit from video communication, and human resources probably isn’t the first industry that comes to mind. Yet, human resource departments all across the world are quickly adopting to this more streamlined way of communication. A recent study done by Aberdeen found 32 percent of businesses and organizations were taking the leap and investing in an interview process completed via video technology – which is up from 21 percent the year before. 

The leaders in HR tend to wear many hats and juggle many responsibilities that are unique to each company or brand. They are responsible for training and development programs, coordinating compensation and benefits packages and are often leaders of the company’s culture – all of which require collaboration and communication with others. 

Here are four ways video conferencing is a great support tool for human resource departments and their personnel:

Access to Larger Pool of Candidates

The perfect candidate is out there, but unfortunately they might not be local. If you’re limiting your search to those that are in a drivable distance, you’re cutting out a significant amount of potential. Video conferencing opens up the floodgates, giving you access to the most talented candidates you otherwise wouldn’t have had a chance to meet with so easily.

Reach a New Generation of Talent

In 2015, Millennials passed up Generation X as the largest subset in the workforce. In order to attract new young Millennial talent, who are inexorably drawn to innovation and modernity, you must showcase your company’s tech-savviness. Millennials will view your organization positively and will be more interested in working for you if your organization seems open to change and with the times.

Speeds Up Hire Time

As most HR pros will tell you, hiring is a long courting process that involves many phone calls and in-person interviews. And even then, the process isn’t guaranteed to end in success. It’s not uncommon to conduct round after round of interview, yet still feel like it was all futile and you’re not any closer to filling that coveted position. However, video conferencing allows your company to expedite the process, allowing candidates to meet with several hiring decision makers without the candidate having to physically travel multiple times. According to the Aberdeen research cited earlier, the use of video in the hiring process delivered a 35 percent year-over-over (2012 to 2013) improvement in hiring time.

Quality Training and Development Once your candidate has signed the contract and joined the team, they are going to need training to catch them up to the rest of the team. With video conferencing solutions, human resource reps can share pertinent documentation right from their personal computer or device, making training much more than simply perusing a new-hire catalogue. Even further, employees can connect with remote subject experts via the platform for a more in-depth development of core concepts to expand their breadth of knowledge.

Video communication opens up huge opportunities for HR departments to streamline their hiring process from top to bottom.

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