Video calls are extremely popular these days. The pandemic has created a generation of remote workers that made the switch from a sticks and bricks office to working from the comfort and convenience of their own home or wherever they happen to be. Remote workers have not only had to deal with creating a home office space, but they have also had to acquire the skill set of becoming a videographer in a sense.

Video calls have become so mainstream that there are many blooper reels of video calls gone hilariously wrong. A pet stumbles into the shot or a wayward child finds his way into mom or dad's study while they are on a video call. While it seems quite easy to make these types of calls, it also requires a bit of planning and rehearsal as well as the right software. Here are a few tips for making your video calls seem professional. 

How to make a video call
So how do you make a video call? This may seem like a pretty easy question to answer, but the fact is there are many details to attend to such as background, lighting, sound, et cetera. No matter how the call is being accessed, whether it's via mobile phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop, it's important to choose the appropriate software. Therefore, finding the right software for your particular setup is a very important step. 

For a mobile setup, BlueJeans has a mobile app that is a fully-featured app. The app can be used on an iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile device.

When using a desktop or laptop, BlueJeans also offers video conferencing interoperability no matter what operating system you are using, including Windows, MacOS, or Linux, as well as various browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, et cetera.

It's a good idea also to rehearse your call before the meeting begins. Take a look at yourself and see if you need to adjust the lighting, move the camera, and just get an overall preview of what your colleagues will see when you pop up on their screen.

Use BlueJeans for your video calls 
Bluejeans offers many products for video calling products for your growing business needs. For example, Portal from Facebook can be used to join BlueJeans meetings. Portal's Smart Camera pans, zooms, and widens automatically, leaving you to move freely while always staying in the frame. Smart Sound enhances voices while minimizing unwanted background noise. When used in tandem with Dolby Voice from BlueJeans, Portal provides a crisp and clean video conferencing session.

BlueJeans also offers the ability to record a video calling session. This feature is useful for recording a session for future reference, for training purposes, or simply to share the session with a participant that may have been absent and needs the information from the call. The call can be stored on the BlueJeans website or by email.

Remote work is not a flash in the pan
The ability to work remotely in the past was a luxury that only a few people had. The business place has certainly changed due to social distancing practices that have become necessary to slow the transmission of COVID. Remote work has now become commonplace and essential for businesses to continue operating amid shutdowns. 

Some businesses have discovered that their workers have become more productive and are considering going remote permanently no matter what happens because of the pandemic. Even if COVID goes away and social distancing is a thing of the past, it's safe to say that many businesses will continue to rely on remote workers for a variety of reasons. Video calling and virtual meetings have become an essential and integral part of everyday life for so many remote workers, so companies will continue to improve on this previously rarely used technology.

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