Microsoft Teams Conference Room Equipment

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If you want to harness the power of Microsoft Teams for your existing conference rooms, you can easily integrate your rooms using BlueJeans Gateway. This cloud video interop (CVI) solution is Microsoft-certified and makes it incredibly easy to develop a Microsoft Teams conference room system. All you need to do is follow four quick steps to deploy the software and connect it to your existing hardware. Unlike other solutions, you'll never need additional infrastructure or ongoing project management to deploy BlueJeans Gateway. Using this solution, you can connect thousands of different room configurations, including equipment such as Lifesize, Poly, and Cisco, which can help you save on hardware investments with optimal versatility.
Here we'll review how to create a Microsoft Teams conference room with the help of BlueJeans Gateway, whether you have an existing system or are setting up a new one.

How to Connect Microsoft Teams with Your Conference Room

If you have an existing conference room system, you can use Microsoft Teams for conference rooms by using the BlueJeans Gateway. To get started, all you need to do is follow these steps:
  • Sign up for BlueJeans Gateway
  • Set up Account with Tenant Key
  • Run PowerShell Commands using the four-step setup wizard
  • Connect Calendar and set up one-touch join
Taking these steps will facilitate the compatibility of Microsoft Teams for conference rooms of nearly any configuration imaginable. With the free trial, you can connect an unlimited number of rooms to Microsoft Teams using BlueJeans Gateway.

Microsoft Teams Conference Room Equipment

If you're setting up a new conference room system for the first time and are unsure about which room hardware to use, there are some pieces of equipment that we recommend using with Microsoft Teams. The combination of these components enables you to customize your setup to suit your needs best. These include:
SIP Devices
The core of your VoIP systems will include SIP phone systems, which can consist of either hard phones or softphones. While hard phones appear like more conventional phones and sit stationary on a desk, softphones include mobile devices, laptops, and desktops. Many contemporary hard phones come with a wide variety of features that make them capable of completing most tasks that softphones could. Using these devices, you can easily connect your conference rooms to Microsoft Teams through BlueJeans Gateway using a SIP URL.
High-Quality Speakerphones
To make sure everyone can hear clearly within a room and can hear others during a phone or a video conference, top-quality speakerphones are ideal to use. Voice quality on these devices is often clear and can effectively deliver sound to the entire room. If someone is connecting from another location, they can still sound as if they're in the same room as everyone else.
Interactive Display Boards
Certain interactive boards fitted with smart technology can combine screens, whiteboards, and computers into a single device. You can use these devices to create and edit documents and manipulate certain elements that appear on the screen. Some products may also allow you to connect to printers and other computers.
HD Video Cameras
To make sure everyone in the conference room shows up on camera clearly, it's often best to invest in high-definition video cameras. Video bars and high-quality webcams can capture panoramic views of everyone within a large space, keeping groups from having to huddle together to be seen. Some devices even automatically pan to individuals who are talking, focusing the lens on them to avoid confusion about who's speaking.
Using a combination of high-end Microsoft Teams conference room equipment and BlueJeans Gateway, you can create the perfect conferencing experience. Subsequently, you'll be able to save more money on conference room systems and benefit from consistently reliable connections, helping you get the most from your hardware.
Try Connecting Microsoft Teams with Your Conference Rooms
See pricing for BlueJeans Gateway or sign up for a 30 day free trial. You can also quickly test drive BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams by signing up for a one time meeting.