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Hosting a Webinar: 5 Helpful Tips

Creating, organizing and hosting a successful webinar requires planning. Your webinar needs to be easy to host, simple to join, professional - and go off without any glitches. Above all, you want a webinar platform that fits within your budget, but provides the best experience for both the host and attendees. 

The good news: Today’s SaaS technologies make hosting webinars simpler than ever. By connecting laptops, mobile devices and multi-vendor room systems, along with an assortment of modern content and screen sharing features, your next webinar is in good hands. Let’s explore 5 helpful webinar presentation tips that will maximize your marketing impact:

  1. Do Your Homework
    Before you start creating content and slides, do your homework. Ask yourself whether the topic you’re presenting is valuable. Choose a compelling webinar headline. Create an engaging presentation for your audience by taking a specific idea and discussing it in detail. Regardless of topic or industry, make your webinar experience informative, engaging and frictionless for audiences and presenters alike.
  1. Choose Your Webinar Format
    Part of hosting a webinar involves choosing the right format. Does your webinar involve a single presenter? Will it be a two speaker, Q&A-style webinar? A moderated panel discussion? Do you have layout options and can they be personalized? Your webinar topic and speaker format will point you in the right direction.
  1. Write a Script
    Script writing pays off. Without one, your webinar may fall short of expectations. Even the most experienced webinar hosts rely on scripts or, at least, an outline. Talking for so long, even about something you're knowledgeable about, is hard work. Don’t lose your audience by unintentionally drifting off topic or running long.
  1. Promote Your Webinar
    Create a landing page or write a blog with a call-to-action to promote your webinar. Using social media and networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will get the word out and encourage attendee signups. On the day of your webinar, send an email to attendees containing the link or instructions to join.
  1. Ensure Technical Efficiency
    Your webinar must be simple to join for every attendee, regardless of the device they’re using to connect. Don’t let low bandwidth interfere with the audience experience. Ask yourself: can every attendee easily connect? Can the host share content as well as audio and video clips? Is there a chat feature for answering attendee questions and facilitating discussion? Can the webinar be recorded for easy playback? Modern webinar solutions, like BlueJeans Events, deliver an engaging, frictionless, high quality audience experience.

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