For most of us the holidays is a time that we enjoy the company of family and friends. But for military personnel and their families who are separated by thousands of miles, this isn’t always possible – but now with Blue Jeans video conferencing it’s gotten easier. Blue Jeans is teaming up with Military Association Benefits Group, Military Comm Networks and its affiliated Joint Force Group companies to create Home for the Holidays.

Home for the Holidays is a program that provides free video conferencing services to U.S. soldiers and their families. From December 20, 2012 to January 2, 2013, servicemen and women will have the opportunity to see their families over video. The beauty of the service is that soldiers and their families don’t need to think about what type of end point device they have to connect from – whether it be by Skype, Google Video Chat, room systems, or even by browser.          

For families, it’s as easy as opening up your laptop and starting a video call instantly without special software. For our military, you don’t have to take the call from the base’s teleconference room, you can take the call wherever you are, on your mobile device or tablet. It’s so easy your grandma can use it.

It can be hectic getting everyone under the same roof for the holidays, but imagine having one big family reunion over video. You can video chat with your husband in Afghanistan, your in-laws in Florida, and your oldest kid working abroad in Spain- all at the same time!

Being away from home is no picnic, but it’s nice to know that seeing family and friends can happen with just a few mouse clicks.  Smile for the camera and let the holiday cheer begin! 

Interoperable Video Conferencing Made Easy