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Too Many Collaboration Tools? Video Meetings Can Solve That

In an era ever-clouded with options for communication and collaboration tools, businesses are increasingly investing time and money on the implementation and maintenance of new technology. But with so many options to choose from, curating a working environment with tools that eliminate redundancy but don’t compromise communication is one of the toughest problems facing IT managers today.

Here’s why enterprise-grade video meetings are an IT department’s dream solution for consolidating collaboration tools and creating an efficient working environment.

Video Reduces Messages Sent and Received

Think about a typical three-person email thread: fourteen messages and several days of back-and-forth can all be accomplished with a simple fifteen-minute conversation in a video meeting. Video is well on its way to significantly decreasing (or eliminating) slower forms of collaboration. In fact, in a recent BlueJeans study, more than half of workers stated that they believe video will reduce the amount of email traffic significantly in the next five years.

Video Does the Job of Multiple Tools

The average organization supplies around 935 cloud-based business tools for employees and many of these tools only perform one or two functions. With live video, not only can employees meet face-to-face spontaneously to collaborate, but they can also chat, share their screens, present content, and record meetings.

Video is Comfortable

As of early 2017, approximately 55% of people watch videos online every single day. People use the tools that are comfortable—the tools that allow them to communicate as effortlessly as they do in their personal lives, as evidenced by the rise in consumer video platforms such as FaceTime. By introducing live video as a unified collaboration platform, IT departments can feel confident about adoption rates and rest assured that fewer collaboration tools are needed.

Another pro of video meetings as a collaboration tool? They can integrate with your other must-have calendar and messaging tools, like Google Calendar, Outlook 365, Slack, Workplace by Facebook, and more.

Video Provides Security

When multiple collaboration tools with low adoption rates are floating around among teams in your office, shadow IT can inevitably creep in. And with shadow IT—the phenomenon wherein employees download and collaborate on consumer-grade apps outside the realm of IT’s approval—sensitive information can easily be compromised. By introducing an enterprise-grade video meetings platform, user data is always encrypted, so customers, partners, and employees can rest assured that information is safely stored.

Beat the problem of too many collaboration tools in the workplace. Use live video to streamline communication and eliminate redundant tools, leading to a more secure, efficient workplace.

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