What’s scarier than trying to figure out a complicated room system remote? Realizing your cost per meeting for hardware you're not even using! At Blue Jeans, we frequently hear that customers just don’t use their room systems because they're complex to operate or are unable to connect with other solutions. But when you underutilize those room systems there’s the risk of falling into hidden trapdoors!

These trapdoors are missed opportunities to really capitalize on the advantages of video conferencing: more face to face interactions and enabling folks to keep their appointments, despite the weather. And with Blue Jeans, it’s easy to connect from traditional room systems- so here are a few tips to avoid those trapdoors and start video conferencing today!

Trapdoor 1)       A Waste of Hardware: You bought this room system thinking you'd get high volume usage out of it, but it sits in cobwebs, unused and unloved. With Blue Jeans, all you need to do is input our pairing code and you’re instantly in the meeting! 

Trapdoor 2)       A Waste of Space: Has your room system turned into another place to store boxes or take your private phone calls? (You know who you are.) Take back your conference room and have more effective meetings

Trapdoor 3)       A Waste of Resources: At the end of the day, a using a room system is a vital way to connect with customers and clients. By not taking advantage of it, you miss out on the opportunity to chance to “visit” with a valuable client and close that deal or schedule an interview with a job candidate.

Don't let those spooky, complicated room systems scare you out of having video conferences. Clear the cobwebs and start connecting with anyone on any device through Blue Jeans. 

Photo courtesy of our awesome Orange County team.