At Blue Jeans Network we continually strive to improve our service by focusing on the overall UX (user experience) as well as new features and capabilities. On Tuesdays, our Sales Engineering team will talk about a different tip to get you better acquainted with the service and to get the most out of your meetings. For this installment, they'll walk you through how to change the on screen menu options on H.323 and SIP video conferencing room systems.

Ever wonder how to control picture layouts and other options on any H.323 room system connected to a Blue Jeans video meeting using your room system remote control? This is a useful feature that is oftentimes not seen or used. Below is a step by step tutorial on how to easily enable this.

Here you have a Polycom HDX Remote and a standard Tandberg/Cisco MXP or C Series Remote (Fig 1). When in a live video call, press the * button to display the Blue Jeans Network Menu Options (Fig 2). 

FIG 1: While in the meeting simply press the * key on any DTMF enabled remote. If DTMF is not enabled it will not work.


FIG 2: Next you will then see an on screen menu appear. Simply enter in the number of the option you wish to turn on or off. (It is important to note that these options are for your device only and you are not able to control the experience for others using this method)


Choose which setting you want to customize your Blue Jeans experience. As always, if you have any questions on this feature please feel free to reach out to your Sales Engineer team here at Blue Jeans Network.