Organizations searching for the best secure video conferencing solution for their business are correctly concerned with balancing the ease of sharing information online within the guidelines of the latest cybersecurity strategies. This short guide explains when to use secure video conferencing and addresses concerns when evaluating the best secure video conferencing solution for your company.

When to Use Secure Video Conferencing
Whether you just need a quick check in with your team or want to host a symposium with participants from around the globe, secure video conferencing is the best virtual collaboration solution you can implement to make sure your organization’s sensitive information remains confidential. Here are some examples of the many types of secure video conferences you can host from meeting rooms, in remote settings, or in a mobile environment:

  • Project Management

If your business includes any type of project that relies on interdepartmental or vendor collaboration, video conferencing ensures all key members/stakeholders have the information they need to stay productive. This secure solution is best for the successful execution of time sensitive projects and is a critical resource for remote employees before, during, and after project completion.

  • Customer Engagement

Webinars make it easier than ever for your business to reach a large audience. Whether you are launching a new product or providing education and support to existing customers, face to face interaction adds a tremendous amount of value to your brand. A secure video conferencing solution keeps the details of your organizers and attendees safe from unauthorized access.

  • Job Interviews

The days of the phone interview are long gone, and good riddance - experts agree that 80 percent of all communication is nonverbal anyhow. The integration of a secure video conferencing solution into your hiring process can significantly expedite your organization’s ability to find the right candidate. Applicants will want to trust that their personal information is protected - a secure conferencing product can guarantee it.

  • Onboarding and Ongoing Training

Between travel, lodging, and food, the expenses associated with onboarding new employees used to be exorbitant. Secure video conferencing has changed that. Instead of hosting multiple on-site trainings, companies can now train new employees who are in remote locations at the same time, allowing organizations to reinvest time and money into more crucial tasks. Businesses can also use secure video conferencing to offer virtual professional development to employees at the company. Ensuring data security during these processes is crucial to protecting your organization’s integrity.

Secure Video Conferencing and Screenshot Security
Secure video conferencing offers an exclusive benefit to face to face meetings: the ability to record everything - both audio and video - for on-demand playback. The best video conferencing solutions have features that allow the meeting organizer to securely control these functions. It's also important to keep in mind that secure video conferencing software still allows users to screenshot the session from their devices, making it easy for a data breach to have unintended and far-reaching consequences. It is recommended that hosts review their organization’s screenshot policies with meeting attendees before video conferencing.

Secure Video Conferencing and HIPAA Compliance
Digital healthcare was already on the rise before the global pandemic. Now there is an even greater need for healthcare solutions that allow providers to continue to deliver a high standard of care while remaining HIPAA compliant. HIPAA-compliance means that any software used to store or communicate data pertaining to patients’ personal health information needs to abide by strict security and privacy standards. A critical consideration when it comes to secure video conferencing is finding a solution that is HIPPA compliant (like BlueJeans).

How to Use BlueJeans Secure Video Conferencing
BlueJeans makes it simple to host or attend a secure video conference. Once the BlueJeans app is installed, follow the prompts to login and set up your preferences. 

1.    First, schedule a meeting through BlueJeans by navigating to the Meetings page.
2.    Next, click “Schedule Meeting”.
3.    Third, enter the meeting details. Here you can choose if you want the meeting to have a password, be encrypted, and control other security features.

Once you start your video conference, you’ll have the ability to share your entire screen, share a specific application, view who is in attendance, and record your video conference for later playback.

If you have been invited to a BlueJeans meeting, you can join from your computer in a web browser or use the BlueJeans app. Join a video conference using your personal meeting ID in the dashboard (a randomized nine-digit ID generated for each meeting to keep the credentials private), by clicking “Join” on a pre scheduled meeting on your calendar, or by searching for the meeting ID in the BlueJeans app. To join from an email, simply click the Join Meeting button.

Maintaining Security While Using the Screen Share Feature During a Video Conference
Screen sharing enables your video conference attendees to watch you interact with documents, images, videos, and presentations in real time, eliminating the need for them to download materials prior to your meeting. Screen sharing can include all the elements of the screen or a single application, and screen sharing permission can be given to anyone attending your meeting. This allows for more productive and efficient remote collaboration. 

It also increases an organization’s security risk as all information in the shared window can be viewed by the attendees, including notifications from apps, emails and other communication popups. To manage the risk of accidentally disclosing potentially sensitive information, individuals sharing their screens should be encouraged to carefully select the window they are sharing to limit what is displayed. Prior to a video conference, it may be beneficial to meet with presenters and have them practice choosing which screen to display.

BlueJeans’ video conferencing has built-in features that lend themselves to video security. Our meeting lock feature allows hosts and moderators to lock the meeting at any time, preventing others – no matter if they have an access link or a password – from joining once the lock is enabled. This is a key way to prevent interlopers or nefarious video bombers from crashing a meeting or gaining access to sensitive information.
Screen share controls provide an additional layer of protection. In the BlueJeans video conferencing platform advanced screen share settings, moderators can elect to disable screen sharing for non-moderator participants, and they can enable Prevent Screen Share Takeover, which prevents participants from being able to start screen sharing if someone else is already sharing.

Main Features of BlueJeans Secure Video Conferencing

  • Best in Class Security 

To avoid security breaches, secure video conferencing is a must-have. Keep your conversations secure with BlueJeans’ Restricted Meetings and by having all content in transit encrypted using AES-256 GCM.

  • Meeting Lock

Meeting Lock allows hosts and moderators to lock the meeting at any time, preventing others from joining once the lock is enabled. This stops interlopers or nefarious actors from crashing a meeting or gaining access to sensitive information.

  • Ability to Record Moments 

Record segments of your video call or the entire thing. Stored in secure containers in the cloud, recordings are encrypted at rest (AES-256bit) and are accessible to the recording originator. This allows for playback at a later time, sharing with other participants, or the ability to use the recorded content for video collateral in internal training or external promotion.

Screen Sharing 
The ability to show the people in your meeting visuals on your computer screen is the easiest and quickest way to convey what you need. It accelerates brainstorming and solutions-focused action. With BlueJeans’ video conferencing software, you can give multiple participants screen sharing access, so it’s never a one-way street – it’s a collaborative approach to meetings. With screen share moderation, meeting moderators can disable screen sharing for non-moderator participants or enable Prevent Screen Share Takeover, which prevents participants from screen sharing if someone else is already sharing.

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