What is Web Conferencing Software?
With reliable web conferencing software, you can easily conduct meetings or host other virtual events with consistently good connections and video quality. Whether used for small or larger meetings, the ideal web meeting software will give you what you need to host your next meeting. However, with so many options out there today, the key is finding the web conferencing software that best meets your needs. There are many web meeting companies that sell this type of software, but knowing what to look for will help narrow down your selection until you locate the option that's best-suited for you.

What is web meeting software?

Web conferencing software, also known as web meeting software, is a type of software used to host meetings, conferences, training, or presentations through an internet connection. Specifically, the software uses TCP/IP connections. Users can jump into meetings either via VoIP using their computers' microphones and speakers or through their phones.
Using web meeting software, professionals can connect with real-time communication. This software also often enables users to share documents and links in a separate communications window, usually through an instant messaging chatbox. Some web conferencing software is also browser-based while other applications require users to download and install them onto their mobile devices or computers.
There are many types of web meeting software out there, but there are ways to locate the right software based on your specific needs.

How to choose meeting software?

When looking for the ideal web conferencing software, there are some items to consider when shopping for the right solution.
The cost of the software
A majority of services will charge based on how many hosts there are per account. If services charge on a per-host basis, each user will need a license to host a meeting. Different software also tends to come with different plans with varying pricing structures. When shopping for the right service, consider the price based on your budget and how many users you want with hosting capabilities. Compare and contrast features and pricing to determine which is the right buy for you.
The number of users
Consider how many people will be using the web meeting software. Some software is intended for use with a smaller number of participants, while others are ideal for involving as many as hundreds of users.
The kinds of meetings you want to hold
The type of web conferencing software you use may also enable you to use various rooms based on the kind of meeting you want to hold, whether it's a conventional web conference, a presentation that you plan on hosting with others muted, or an open-forum format that allows other users to provide feedback.
How often you want to use video
Certain software may limit the number of video streams in web meetings, but others will allow unlimited video feeds. Depending on how often you plan to use webcams in your meetings, you may want to find web meeting software that allows for many video feeds simultaneously.
Mobile accessibility
Keep in mind that some software only allows users to connect on computers via VoIP connections. If you want people to be able to connect to a web meeting via smartphones or tablets, look for software that allows remote access through convenient mobile apps. BlueJeans Mobile App provides a powerful, fully featured solution on iOS and Android devices.
Screen sharing and recording capabilities
If you want to be able to share your screen with others or vice versa, look for screen sharing features. This can come in handy if you want to provide brief tutorials and or demonstrations to users. In addition, you may also want the ability to record your meetings, in which case a native recording feature is useful. For instance, you may host a presentation that involves showing people how to access certain files on a platform and want to save the video for future reference, which both screen sharing and recording features will allow you to do.
Is the software easy to use? If it's not intuitive and features a difficult interface that makes it hard to interact with, it could wind up being more of a hindrance than a help to you and your teams.
Knowing what to look for in the right web meeting software will help you determine which is best to use for your application. Choosing the ideal web conferencing software from web meeting companies you can trust will help ensure you get the solution you need for meetings, presentations, and more. BlueJeans makes web meeting available whether thousands are tuning in or a small group needs a video conference to collaborate on a project.