Keeping in touch with people is more important now than ever before. Text messages and emails can only take you so far. If we have friends and family across the world, when travel is not always possible then we turn to technology for help. And one of the best ways of staying connected, not just with friends and family but also with work colleagues, is through a group video call. Read on to learn how to do group video calls with the best group video call app.

What is a group video call?

A one-on-one video call is fairly straightforward. Most smartphones have that capability built-in, and all you have to do is hit the video icon on your contact to boot up the front-facing camera and kick off a video call with your friend or colleague. This is a great way to communicate, and much faster than a WhatsApp or email. But what if you want to add multiple people to the call?

Let’s say you work in a design business, and you have a team of people working remotely around the world. You might have a designer in France, an engineer in Canada, a few other people around Central America and Australia. You could relay the same message multiple times to each person individually, but a group video call would get the job done way more efficiently.

By using a group video call you can essentially take the format of a physical, in-person meeting and just have it online, transcending boundaries and negating the need to travel. This makes communication faster, easier, and more efficient.

How to do group video calls

Like many video calling apps, the function to kick off a group video call is quite straightforward. Firstly, find a video calling app and download it to your mobile device, tablet, laptop, or desktop. (We recommend using BlueJeans). Generally speaking, there will be an option to start a meeting that creates a shareable link, or you can send invitations out to specific people.

Arrange a suitable time for your group video call, taking into account various time zones and other calendar restrictions your team might have. Send out the invitation beforehand with plenty of time for people to make sure they have the right app downloaded and an appropriate place to have the call.

Tools for group video calls

First and foremost, the most important tool you will need for a group video call is a dedicated video calling app, such as BlueJeans. If you’re hosting a group video call for business purposes, it’s important to use something like BlueJeans which is secure and stable and includes collaboration features such as screen sharing or annotation, if you need to point out something specific to the other team members.

You’ll also need a good quality set of headphones. Not only is this good for concentration, but also to limit any noise and feedback coming through your device’s speakers.

Find yourself a quiet space without a distracting background, and enjoy the group video call. Using the right tools and the best video calling app is important regardless of whether you are hosting a work meeting or just catching up with friends. BlueJeans will send you well on your way, so try it for free today.

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