Frucor Suntory is a leading Australasian beverage company and a leader in energy drinks in Australia and New Zealand. An entrepreneurial, inventive company from the get-go, it was natural for Frucor Suntory’s IT leaders to want a video conferencing solution to minimize the effort required for successful collaboration and maximize productivity for their employees across their offices in New Zealand and Australia.
Ashley Robson, IT Service Delivery Manager for Frucor Suntory, is passionate about driving solutions that improve employee experiences. He wanted to provide a streamlined, simple video conferencing experience with conference room systems, laptops, and mobile devices, whether in an office or working remotely.
As an AV expert, Robson has had the opportunity to evaluate multiple room options for numerous organizations throughout his career. He has typically been unimpressed with the variety of set up processes, additional overheads, and accessories required by traditional room systems, which fail on functionality and only add clutter and complication to the experience. After discovering BlueJeans Rooms, Robson felt he could fully endorse this system to support better meeting experiences for everyone.
Before rolling out BlueJeans in 2019, the use of video was minimal, and the IT team would frequently receive complaints about video buffering, slow connectivity, and sudden dropouts. Because of these problems, the team decided to move away from traditional video conferencing and invest in newer, smarter, more reliable video conferencing technology from BlueJeans.
In March 2020, like many organizations worldwide impacted by the pandemic, Frucor Suntory had to enable employees to work from home quickly and decisively to keep everyone safe. Luckily, Robson and his team were fully prepared to activate a remote strategy before the pandemic hit — all of Frucor Suntory’s office staff were trained to use BlueJeans Meetings since they deployed the solution throughout the organization. The company had also recently upgraded its VPN and had provided approved mobile phones to all employees. Within a month of the shift to remote work, collaboration hours increased 214% from what they were doing pre-pandemic — a 2400% increase since deployment.
Additionally, Frucor Suntory enabled essential workers in manufacturing facilities to communicate with the rest of the organization using BlueJeans Rooms featuring Dolby Voice Room. The company was able to transition their training programs from being in-person to be fully remote over BlueJeans during the pandemic and expects to continue using the same method in the future, even with employees returning to offices.
Before switching to BlueJeans, the IT team found it challenging to determine the cause of conferencing issues. Without knowing the source of the problem, it was impossible to find the solution. Thanks to BlueJeans Command Center — an analytics dashboard providing a comprehensive overview of the company’s BlueJeans deployment — the team can access a vast amount of data to make troubleshooting manageable and effective.
Overall, BlueJeans’ excellent track record before the pandemic and continued support during the shift to working from home enabled large scale adoption by everyone working remotely. However, Robson and his team wanted to gather feedback to identify opportunities for improvement. The team conducted an NPS survey to understand everyone’s work from home experience. Robson is happy to report an incredibly high score — a testament to the team’s preparedness and the consistent video conferencing experience provided by BlueJeans and Dolby.
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