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What is Flex Working Without Flexible Workstreams?

Using BlueJeans for Flexible Working

There is plenty of talk about flexible working—the ability to work remotely, empowering employees with fluid schedules, and providing tools to facilitate collaboration and engagement from anywhere.  All these tactics have been shown to reduce employee stress levels, increase productivity, and provide a more harmonious blend of work and personal life.  Here at BlueJeans, we are big fans of all the above, but we need to go one level deeper.  There is another component to flexible working that should be added to the conversation. How do we enable workers to customize their tools and workstreams to be the most productive and effective not only for them but for those they collaborate with? 

Enterprise collaboration tools are shifting from rigid services with “walled-garden” approaches to platforms with diverse ecosystems of best-of-breed integrations that support a variety of use cases. Our focus at BlueJeans is to enable our customers to do their best work by providing a meetings solution that molds to their preferred workflow.

The Before, During, After Continuum

Meetings have historically been perceived as a single point in time, but that’s not really accurate.  There are actions that happen prior to a meeting ever taking place.  This may include creating an agenda, building slides, or simply scheduling the meeting. Inviting attendees and ensuring they have the join details is another part of the process—whether that’s convening in a conference room, over video, or both.  Then there is the meeting itself, how people join and what takes place over the course of that 30 minutes. Finally, there are outcomes—what were the action items?  Did you need to record the meeting for someone who wasn’t able to attend? Was the full agenda covered and annotated? All these elements are the makeup of a successful meeting with meaningful outcomes and are variables that can change from meeting to meeting.

How BlueJeans Enables Flexible Workstreams

Video meetings should be quick to join, simple to use, and highly flexible. Our interoperable platform brings together your preferred hardware and favorite tools into a single meetings solution that lets you work in a way that best meets your needs.  For example, you may be on the road when you need to join a meeting.  For that we have awesome mobile apps that provide full two-way video and content sharing. But what if your situation isn’t conducive to video?  Maybe you’re on a crowded train or your bandwidth isn’t ideal. In that case, you have the flexibility to dial-in with a traditional phone call. Similarly, we have a fantastic desktop application designed to be fast, agile and immersive, but we recognize installing a new application isn’t always desired or feasible.  That’s why we leverage best of breed, open source solutions like WebRTC to deliver in-browser meetings that don’t require attendees to download or install anything.

Why User Choice Matters

As organizations seek to become more agile and digitize their processes, there is a need to recognize that one size does not fit all. Individuals and teams have varying requirements for how they need to collaborate in order to be successful and are using a wide variety of tools to do so.  That’s why BlueJeans is committed to building a robust integrations ecosystem while providing users flexible options for scheduling, joining, and conducting meetings that move people forward. 

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