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Behind the Scenes of the Dolby London Studio

Dolby London Studio in Soho

Ever had to take a meeting at a train station or in a noisy coffee shop, only to be overshadowed by feedback and background noise? Ever been on the other end of the line when someone is trying to quiet their barking dogs or is sitting outside while their neighbor mows the lawn? Scenarios like these are common pain points for workers who may not have a dedicated office or conference room.

This is why the BlueJeans + Dolby partnership is such a key milestone for the future of work, creating superior meeting experiences scientifically designed to enhance comprehension and increase participant productivity. To showcase the power of BlueJeans and Dolby, ZDNet Reviews Editor Charles McLellan was invited to experience the audio difference at Dolby’s London studio in Soho.

The Insider View of the Studio

The tour started with a showcase of how Dolby’s noise suppression works with BlueJeans Rooms. The technology uses known voice frequencies to filter out non-human sounds. Many a professional has experienced meeting fatigue, and as the working day progresses, the human brain becomes tired and isn’t able to process sound as efficiently.

This is where the Dolby Conference Phone steps in. Designed for in-room meetings, the 360-degree voice pickup captures all sound, no matter how loud, soft or far away from the phone, and can be recognised and projected across various room sizes and devices. Richard Hearn, European Channel Development Lead at Dolby, demonstrated how the technology tracks and renders each participant in the meeting, moving around the room as he spoke to get as far away from the microphone as possible, showcasing the capabilities of BlueJeans and Dolby together.

Different meeting locations, such as a noisy café or busy train station, were then simulated via phone booths outside of the main conference room. Showing how BlueJeans with Dolby Voice works, all background noises—train noise, conductor announcements, coffee machines—were suppressed for listeners. This technology is particularly helpful for those workers who commute regularly or work outside the office, ensuring that they can still actively participate in the meeting despite not being in the same conference room as their peers. 

Where Video Conferencing is Heading

Other video conferencing solutions simply do not offer such advanced noise suppression technology, mitigating time wasting and communication lags in traditional workplace meetings and calls. However, BlueJeans offers solutions for two types of meetings—those conducted via desktop apps and mobile phones, as well as those completed within the conference room itself.  

The Vice President of Global Sales Operations at LinkedIn, Brian Frank, put BlueJeans with Dolby Voice capabilities to the test. He showed that with the background noise of a hairdryer, he could still conduct a live video conference where the listeners were able to hear him perfectly clearly. He shared his demo with more than 8,000 of his followers on LinkedIn, garnering over 91,000 views.

A major part of the future of work resides within meeting and video conferencing functionality. Today’s workers are using multiple devices and taking more meetings outside the office as flexible working is ingrained in the culture. Over the next five years, we’ll start to see more cloud-based companies introduce technology that streamlines key business functions to enhance productivity, such as enriched video and sound capabilities, and even AI. It’s an exciting time for businesses as key innovations that have been talked about for years are finally starting to become part of the fabric and culture of a business—audio and sound included. The science of audio is playing a huge part in influencing meeting productivity levels, and BlueJeans and Dolby are committed to enabling a less fatigued and more innovative workforce. 

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