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Experience a Modern Meeting Powered by AI

A few months ago, BlueJeans announced support for Eva—the in-meeting artificial intelligence (AI) "bot" that takes notes, creates action items, and helps identify key moments for later follow up. Since we first announced support for Voicera, the creators of Eva, hundreds of you have taken advantage of its AI capabilities and experienced better meetings with Eva's help.

Today, we're excited to announce that Eva has become even more advanced and now provides fully searchable, complete in-meeting transcription with BlueJeans Meetings.

"We wanted to offer BlueJeans meeting customers the first chance to have full meeting transcriptions," said Omar Tawakol, CEO of Voicera.  "This is a service we now offer through Voicera, but it works best with partners who provide higher quality audio streams.  The audio that comes from BlueJeans with Dolby Voice is delivered in a crisp 16k format which lends itself very well to transcription. In addition to the transcripts, Eva can create a highlight reel that is error corrected and delivered with much higher accuracy."

As the only meetings provider enabled with this transcription technology, this is a complete game changer for BlueJeans and our users. Meetings are the perfect environment for digital assistants where mundane tasks like note-taking can be automated, and thus allow human participants to focus on strategic skills. We encourage all our users to take advantage of this feature. Just knowing that Eva is present in the meeting helps to increase productivity and ensure that ideas and action items carry over, helping move the business forward. 

Eva is currently available to all BlueJeans users. Download your free trial.