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From 1 to 100,000: Expanding BlueJeans Across the Enterprise

As modern companies move toward digitally transforming themselves, overhauling existing communication infrastructure plays a key role. Organizations are looking to bring modern meetings to their workforce, but it can be a daunting task to undertake. Change is hard for employees, and a sudden move from audio communications via conference room phone to a full-fledged video-enabled toolset can be difficult for even the most tech-savvy of employees.

That said, a meetings platform that combines the best of video, audio, and web conferencing technologies can fundamentally change how people collaborate with one another. Here at BlueJeans, we’ve had the pleasure of witnessing this change first-hand through hundreds of enterprise deployments. This is not to say that there are never questions… in fact, we get asked questions from our customers (and potential customers!) every single day. Questions like “How can I understand the ROI of this investment?” and “How can I be certain that BlueJeans will truly transform how my employees work?” are ones we get asked quite often.

Thankfully, answering them is not simply guesswork. Let’s walk through the various stages of how enterprises adopt BlueJeans and see how our data helps each step of the way.

The "Let Me Try This" Phase

This is often how it starts. Someone within the organization wants to try out better solutions and signs up for a BlueJeans trial as they begin their discovery process. He or she downloads the BlueJeans application, tries the browser experience, or installs BlueJeans Rooms and conducts a few preliminary meetings to test the software. While experiencing the product first hand, this person—often someone in the IT department—also uses Command Center to analyze various metrics and indicators for these calls and make the necessary changes in their environment to sharpen the experience. Our technical account teams help with this every step of the way to encourage an easy experience. 

Command Center Overview

The "I Love It... Let Me Have Others Try It" Phase

Once someone decides that they enjoy using BlueJeans, the next step in the evaluation is to share the BlueJeans platform with a small number of employees for more rigorous analysis. As more individuals start using it, administrators can keep a close eye on end user experience. Users are allowed (and encouraged!) to provide a feedback score of 1-5 at the end of each meeting. Command Center then sends email digests to IT teams when scores are below a certain threshold, allowing them to understand end user issues and quickly resolve them in order to perfect the experience.

Command Center Alerts

This phase is especially important because it showcases how easy it is for all employees to use BlueJeans—a feature that becomes more vital as we move to the next phase. 

The "This is Brilliant! Let's Give It to Everyone!" Phase

After several weeks of rigorous testing, both against the platform and the competitors, the team must make a decision... will BlueJeans be the meetings platform of choice moving forward? Once the contracts are signed and licenses are rolled out to the entire organization, the IT team can begin to train users and encourage usage of the platform. As adoption grows across the company, trending graphs in Command Center showcase the week over week growth in both meetings and minutes.

Command Center Usage Week Over Week

The growth in unique users shows how employees throughout the organization are starting to adopt the technology. In addition, quality metric based alerts will allow video conferencing administrators to keep a close watch on any problems in their office networks or Internet Service Providers at high traffic volumes. This is the phase where technology leaders can really begin to see how BlueJeans increases productivity and makes work easy for all employees. 

The "It Has Caught On Like Wildfire" Phase

As usage grows, organizations eventually get to the point where there are hundreds of power users who utilize BlueJeans every single day. The top users widget on the dashboard gives an overview of who uses BlueJeans the most, indicating advocates who can then encourage further usage amongst their colleagues. After all, it is this network effect that helps spread adoption, and the best people to help are those who are using it often.

Command Center Users

As users experiment with various devices—desktop, mobile, conference rooms—and integrations, IT can use this information to provide optimal video call performance, ultimately leading to an even better meetings platform for everyone throughout the organization. 

Getting Started with BlueJeans

BlueJeans is on a mission is to build the most loved meetings platform and help our customers visualize the benefits of the product with the help of deep analytics. No matter which stage of adoption your organization is in, we have the data you need to make informed decisions about where to go next. And getting started is easy—simply reach out to our Services and Support team for help.