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Bring the C-Level Down to Eye Level

Take a mental snapshot of your company’s org chart. Can you visualize the pyramid that fans out from the CEO? All teams, all people rolling up to one person who is ultimately responsible for the business. It’s no surprise that maintaining an image of transparency is a constant challenge for executives. Although they advocate for company culture, their efforts can fall short if employees feel detached through real or perceived knowledge gaps. Part of the disconnect comes from a lack of accessibility; part of it comes from misunderstanding the intentions of leadership.

Luckily, opening doors for executive communication and improving human interaction is a signature of BlueJeans Events. With approachability, accountability, and visibility through an immersive video experience, employees can now have a seat at the exec’s table.

A Scalable Open-Door Policy

Long gone are the days of one-way webinars. Remember those snooze-fest presentations? A talking head, an idle crowd. BlueJeans Events uses any-to-many video streaming. Meaning, if an attendee has a question for the C-Suite, they simply hit the “raise hand” button. The event moderator then grants video access, and in seconds any employee can address the executive presenter as if they’re talking in person. This technology has a two-pronged effect on internal events:

  1. Collaborative video is proven to increase attention and engagement
  2. Employees are given a platform to make their voices heard

On-the-fly attendee promotion is the next generation of town hall events—and fostering a workplace environment that encourages transparency and engagement is the key to its success. Modernize your workplace engagement and executive communications with video participation from anyone.

Trust and Transparency

According to a recent study by Forbes, 32% of an employee’s loyalty is the result of trust towards their boss. Given that trust depends on transparent exchanges of information, employees need an effective means to ask questions—especially during company all-hands meetings. If any employee can hold leadership accountable with an informative Q&A, trust in the business ripples across every campus and time zone.

“Culture” is the HR buzzword that attracts and retains the brightest minds on the market. But creating company culture isn’t as simple as handing out T-shirts and backpacks. Social media and company review sites have changed our views on what’s important in today’s workplace and leadership team. Unfiltered access to the executive vision and strategy is what’s appreciated most across any organization. The workforce needs to feel that top-down decisions are being made with everyone’s best interests in mind. And although brutal honesty from the C-Level can sting when times are lean, culture doesn’t suffer if no one feels left in the dark.

360-Degree Visibility

Having remote employees and geographically dispersed campuses adds challenges to business and executive communications. From the perspective of the CEO, how do you improve line of sight across people and offices?

In the same way that individual employees can feel detached, executives need to connect and align the entire workforce. Think of BlueJeans Events as a virtual auditorium — participants and speakers interact through high-impact visual contact. Instead of passing a microphone around the room, attendees can chime in from any endpoint, room system, or device. This type of presentation increases visibility into scattered offices by bringing all parties eye-to-eye through multiple video streams.

Want to improve the image of your leadership team? Start by encouraging open forums for discussion from any endpoint in the world.