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We’re just past one year into working over video instead of in-person, and people are feeling the ‘meeting glut’ that comes with too much work and no time for water cooler conversations or lunches with co-workers. As humans, we crave the tangibles.

With video conferencing fatigue on the rise and no hard date in sight for returning back to the office, we can understand the lengths some people are going to in order to get out of attending yet another meeting—including a browser extension that allows you to self-sabotage your video conferencing meetings by making them an unbearable experience. Who wants another meeting, anyway?

We don’t! Video conferencing meetings shouldn’t be miserable; they should be productive and insightful without making you exhausted—and they can be. As this article in Harvard Business Review (HBR) points out, part of what makes video calls so monotonous is the often-horrible sound quality. We’ve had a strong, longtime partnership with Dolby to ensure our meeting audio comes across as clear and natural as possible.

Ultimately, video conferencing won’t go away anytime soon, so why not use it to your advantage rather than trying to ‘escape’ it?

BlueJeans by Verizon understands people need less meetings, which is why we created BlueJeans Smart Meetings for a better way to work. Smart Meetings combines crowd-sourced meeting notes, real-time transcription and a video highlight reel to make meetings more effective—so effective that you may decide to skip a meeting all together.

Here are 4 reasons you need Smart Meetings stat if you are feeling video conferencing fatigue.

1.Highlights allows your team to quickly capture and share important discussion points

You can skip the meeting but still see the important discussion points tagged by your teammates throughout the call, including new discussion topics listed under category options. Furthermore, BlueJeans Smart Meetings will enrich these highlights with automated transcription and crowd-sourced commentary, making the most important information easy to get up to speed on.

2.You can assign action items and next steps to those NOT in the meeting

The action item feature allows the meeting host to quickly assign tasks, communicate responsibility, and manage follow-through. This means only key decision makers will have to be in the meeting; i.e. less meetings for everyone else!

3.You can binge-watch meeting summaries

If you’re like me and have already binge-watched all of Netflix, then it’s fantastic to know you can skip a meeting and binge-watch the highlights instead. BlueJeans Smart Meetings grants you access to dynamic meeting summaries and lets you watch meeting recaps in minutes, not hours, in the interactive meeting hub. Plus, you can easily share recaps with co-workers!

4.Sometimes it’s just easier to Slack

The greatest part of BlueJeans Smart Meetings is that you can choose to automatically share your Smart Meetings highlight reels with any private Slack channel. You can keep teammates informed about key meeting details, provide a direct link to the playback page and minimize the number of meetings everyone is having.

Video calls should make your meetings more productive, not less. To learn more about how BlueJeans Smart Meetings can boost team productivity, click here to download your free trial of BlueJeans today.