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Unlocking the Potential of Enterprise Mobile Conferencing with Samsung, Verizon and BlueJeans

We have some exciting news to share! Today we announced a collaborative effort at the Samsung Developer Conference with Samsung and Verizon that unlocks new opportunities in video business applications for teams and corporate users. Custom and exclusive to Samsung Galaxy 2019 flagship devices, the new solution brings together the intelligent video conferencing of BlueJeans and the power of Verizon’s 4G LTE and 5G Ultra Wideband networks to offer a lower cost yet high-quality alternative for team collaboration.

Today’s dispersed teams increasingly rely on video conferencing to stay connected and aligned. However the costs of outfitting workspaces with modern video conferencing equipment can quickly climb. By leveraging Samsung DeX on the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and Note10+ 5G, BlueJeans can turn any huddle room into a fully equipped video conferencing room for a fraction of the cost compared to conventional equipment. 

Whether you're looking for a lowered cost of entry for video conferencing or just require more mobility with your room systems, developers can now leverage Verizon's advanced networks, Samsung's mobile devices and BlueJeans Meeting to deliver a unique experience.

BlueJeans typically relied on selfie mode for smartphone video conferencing. With the new solution, it can now also leverage the ultrawide, rear-facing 123° field of view lenses Samsung released on all 2019 Galaxy flagship smartphones to capture a full meeting room. Participants simply need to connect one of the smartphones to a larger display with an HDMI adapter enabling DeX mode, which instantly transfers the meeting experience onto the larger screen and leverages dual screen mode. And Verizon, with the nation’s largest 4G LTE network, provides a consistent, high quality connection for an increasingly mobile workforce. Additionally, Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband network offers improvements in download speed and data volume, further enhancing the current experience and providing a foundation for new, immersive communications experiences.

Enabling a Diverse, Dispersed Workforce
Another attribute of today’s modern teams is that they frequently involve freelancers and contractors who work from home or other remote locations. These surroundings may be distracting or contain sensitive information (such as on a whiteboard) that they want to protect. The same applies for entrepreneurs or start-ups. To address this need, BlueJeans worked with Samsung to develop BlueJeans Privacy Mode, which uses the S10 5G’s time of flight camera to blur the backgrounds these users find themselves in.  Samsung S10 5G users can conduct meetings almost anywhere, limiting the stress of revealing sensitive data on a whiteboard, or the distraction of a coffee shop, behind them. Enhancing the experience even further, BlueJeans has leveraged the Note 10's S Pen software developer kit to tie the most used functions, like mute and camera selection, into an S Pen function.

Crisper HD Video and Audio for your meetings
Clear and crisp video is a powerful collaboration tool. With Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband service and Samsung 5G devices, teams generally don’t have to worry about the strength of their network connection during a BlueJeans meeting. The BlueJeans app on the S10/N10 5G gets a clear video boost by raising the thresholds traditionally in place to normalize the experience on slower networks. The power of Verizon 5G provides high definition video for immersive collaboration.  And BlueJeans with Dolby Voice™ audio minimizes background noise when you’re on the go.

Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband service with Samsung 5G devices create an exciting opportunity for the developer community to think beyond contemporary device and connection limitations. Virtually every business environment and use case can benefit from 5G and there is an exciting opportunity to collaborate on the next wave of applications to power the future of work. 5G applications can radically change how doctors serve patients and how teachers engage students. From remote field technicians to front line workers, the power of 5G should change how and where work is done to best serve the user and customer.

Let's build together on 5G! Learn more at our BlueJeans Developer Page. If you're at #SDC19, check it out live at the Samsung booth!