Enterprise Connect 2013 is all said and done and we had an awesome time. The team had some great conversations at our booth and the opportunity to speak on two panels on the Video Track. Our CEO, Krish Ramakrishnan, was on the panel, "Video Conferencing as a Software Business: Impacts on Buyers and Sellers," and our CCO, Stu Aaron was on the panel, "Mobile Video: What's the Big Deal?"

One of the most thought-provoking sessions was Cisco’s keynote on “The Internet of Everything.” This phrase basically means the convergence of people, processes, data, and things. Rob Lloyd, EVP of World Operations at Cisco, demonstrated this concept by taking a virtual trek to purchase a refrigerator. Everything from picking out the fridge, reserving a parking spot at the local store and making the purchase was all done virtually and in real-time. Purchasing a fridge is no picnic (no pun intended), but the implications of ‘immediate’ and integrated technology are far-reaching.

In many ways I think this discussion has the same trappings of the lively WebRTC discussions that took place on Day 1. With 2.3 billion people having access to a browser, WebRTC would essentially mean ‘The Video for Everyone,’ right?

Let’s take a step back. WebRTC technology and standardization will take time to mature, and even then, mass adoption would be another hurdle. But at the onset, mere access and availability will be the first steps in propelling its use. Afterward, the next step would be tighter integration with things like content-sharing, PSTN, and IM, then it would position itself as a can’t-live-without enterprise tool. 

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