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Enterprise Connect 2019 – Part 2: All About User Experience

If you tuned in last Friday, you know we kicked of part 1 of our Enterprise Connect 2019 Recap—The Intelligent Workplace, which touched on the keynotes/general sessions and announcements BlueJeans participated in during the first part of the week. The second half of #EC19 was equally exciting and impactful, especially from a customer engagement perspective. But before we dive into that, a quick roundup of the major news our strategic partners pushed out at last week’s conference:

Talk about a relaunch! On Monday, our partner Polycom + Plantronics became one—or many—with the new name of Poly. The new company will be focused on the human experience of communications and collaboration, aiming to make communication as rich and natural as in-person. Starting off strong, Poly proceeded to announce several new hardware products and partner integrations, including having Alexa built into their Voyager 4200 UC headsets and Amazon Chime and Alexa for Business within the Polycom Trio (which is certified to work the BlueJeans Meetings Platform). Because of this, Amazon Alexa for Business with the Trio is also integrated with third-party applications such as BlueJeans!

Microsoft was once again the winner of Enterprise Connect—quite literally! For the second year in a row, Microsoft Teams scooped up the “Best of Enterprise Connect Overall” award that is presented to a company making significant technology advancements within the enterprise communications and collaboration industry. In addition to its main stage keynote and a breadth of general sessions, Microsoft also announced several updates to its Teams platform, including tools dedicated to addressing the needs of Firstline Workers, which Microsoft defines as more than 2 billion people globally who work in roles that make them the first point of contact between a company and its customers or products.

At the BlueJeans booth, we featured our BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams solution. We also had a joint customer, super star Casey Hammer from JLG Architects, on hand to discuss his team's reasons for making the transition to Microsoft Teams and then adopting the BlueJeans Gateway in order to make this a seamless experience for users across the company. Stay tuned for more details on JLG's BlueJeans story soon!

As we highlighted in Part 1 of our recap, on Tuesday we announced BlueJeans Rooms-as-a-Service with Dolby Voice Room (RaaS), something that was well represented at both our booth and Dolby's. At the impressive Dolby booth, they exhibited their Dolby Voice Room technology, which adapts to people and environments by adjusting to lighting, acoustics, motion and voices in different rooms to create a more natural meeting experience.

Beyond the announcements and keynotes, the show floor was also sight to behold—as were the impressive general sessions that closed out the week. 

To cap off our time at Enterprise Connect, BlueJeans SVP of Product and Solutions Marketing, John Knightly, participated in the “Software-Based Video in the Meeting Room – Ready for Prime Time?” speaking panel, which was moderated by industry guru David Maldow of Let’s Do Video. Joined by Jeff Smith from Dolby, Serge Lachapelle from Google, and Ilya Bukshteyn from Microsoft, the lively discussion focused on how video “readiness” is not just a question for the vendor community.

The key takeaway? It's really the customer who decides if the organization is video-ready and how the video will be managed across conference rooms, as well as desktop, browser and mobile. But if you're asking if software-based video rooms can deliver the same QoS as on traditional codec-based room systems, the answer is yes—especially if implemented thoughtfully with a centralized cloud-based management console and attention to minimizing clutter of multiple components in the conference room. 

The upside is the room experiences improve as the software advances. But many customers either prefer the reliability of codec-based room systems or have legacy installations that require a path to cloud-based video. We at BlueJeans feel it’s a question of customer choice.  BlueJeans' perspective is to work with partners across the spectrum: integrated appliance providers, codec providers and best-of-breed component providers to provide amazing in-room conferencing experiences that meet customers’ needs today, and in the future.

The final summation was that, yes, software-based video meeting rooms are there today, along with an expanding list of innovations from both codec and appliance providers.

A big thank you to all the people who showed up at 8am on the final morning for the panel. It was an impressive showing for an early morning sessionon the last day of the conference, and we hope you found it to be as helpful as we did. 

Another big thanks to everyone who participated in Enterprise Connect and stopped by the BlueJeans booth. This year's show was a true testament to how important this technology is to today’s business leaders. See you all next year!