**This blog is about setting up custom backgrounds for conference rooms. If you are interested in learning about setting up a virtual background for the desktop app click here.**

Offices look very different now than 20 years ago. With the death of traditional cubicle farms and siloed teams, organizations have embraced a new office setup to replicate the modern ways we interact and work together – collaborative, open and dynamic.

Office spaces also play a huge part in how organizations communicate their inherent culture and values. Because of the disruptive nature of the open office that is common now, employees end up spending a lot of time in meeting rooms to focus and have productive working sessions. This is an opportunity for workspace planners to customize the rooms for a distinctive experience while also conveying a unique idea for the space.

When it comes to themes for meeting rooms – some organizations are very creative. We have seen our own customers use concepts such as movies and tv shows, different types of food or drinks, cities of the world, famous inventors and creators, landmarks, cultural icons to name a few. Some organizations highlight the fun side of their culture by embracing the strange – naming their conference rooms after bad puns or after popular viral videos of the past.

Modern offices customize the décor and furniture to match the theme. That certainly creates a great impact (who wouldn’t love a Yoda room to have a meeting in with "Do or do not. There is no try" written on the wall). But it may be difficult to implement throughout an office with limited resources. The easiest way to bring out a meeting room’s personality is to customize the screen background.

With BlueJeans Rooms, an admin can use the room management tab in Command Center and upload the images they would like to use for their conference room screens. This process is simple and easy to scale throughout hundreds of Rooms deployed throughout an organization. This feature is enabled for dual screen rooms as well.

Beyond culture, aesthetics or to provide more personality to the workplace, these customizable screens can serve a more practical function as well. BlueJeans Rooms shows upcoming meetings on the in-room screen and the endpoint in the room to inform users of room availability. IT managers can choose to post instructions on the screens with their backgrounds. Information like IT Helpdesk information, Wi-Fi login info, meeting room details and so on can be essential and in-room screens are a simple and easy solution for that. This eliminates clutter in the room by removing pamphlets, instruction manuals and signs. Changing the information is as easy as changing the wallpaper.

Meeting rooms, and by extension the office spaces of today impact the workplace well-being of employees greatly. Learn more about how we enable thousands of offices around the world to host highly productive, flawless and stimulating meetings with our platform of Meetings, Rooms, Events and Teams Gateway.