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Encourage Better Teamwork By Transforming Your Meeting Culture

Teammates Encouraging Better Teamwork

Meetings help establish and maintain your corporate culture. They’re a key element to any company's ongoing success and corporate identity. It’s where the faces of employees should be front and center.

Whether it’s a one-on-one, a large team meeting, or a company-wide all-hands event, each “meeting” represents an opportunity for employees to show up and engage with their colleagues as well as with leadership. How does your organization foster these relationships?

When employees are in meetings where they feel supported and can be their authentic selves, you will see higher levels of contribution, commitment, and performance. However, this doesn’t happen at all at once. This culture needs to be developed and strengthened over time. It’s important for every organization to provide the type of meeting tools that are effective at encouraging employee engagement and promoting teamwork.

Adopting a video meetings platform that every employee, no matter where they are, can easily access for instant face to face collaboration is one, proven method of transforming your culture.

Transform Your Culture with Video

Making all attendees feel connected and like they are all seated in the same room, is critical. Video meetings do exactly this. With the level of interoperability and technological precision now available on the market, these video meetings are easy for anyone to join and will help ensure that you deliver maximum value for everyone who attends. This happens when each attendee can look one another in the eye and watch while others speak, imparting them with the sense of pride they feel as part of your company. When employees are eager to participate in meetings and interested in getting regular updates on how the business is doing, it proves the value of open communication. 

Today, many companies have offices across the world. They also have remote workers with home offices, and these workers may not see fellow employees for months at a time. For them, premium collaboration tools like video meetings are becoming even more critical to their connection with colleagues, your company, and its culture. Better, easily accessible video meetings are going a long way to bridge this gap.

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