Virtual Event Platform

The COVID-19 pandemic gave a major boost to the creator economy, with more than 50 million people worldwide now considering themselves to be creators, according to SignalFire. But not all creators have the resources and tools necessary to compete in today’s crowded marketplace.

To make it easy for everyone to ‘go live’ in style without breaking the bank, today we announced BlueJeans Studio, an all-in-one virtual event platform that gives creators the ability to easily and affordably create stunning, professional-grade live streams with just a few clicks. With easy video feed mixing, custom branding, and endless streaming capabilities, brands can produce TV-quality content that drives audience engagement and elevates any virtual event experience.  

The all new BlueJeans Studio is a virtual event platform that brings powerful production tools to BlueJeans Events, giving corporate and individual userssocial influencers, creators, reporters and marketersthe power to produce stunning, professional grade virtual events and live streams without any production or technical experience required. From the Studio producer dashboard, creators can easily create TV production-level events that engage and wow audiences, while elevating their brand and expanding their reach.  

Those looking to maximize broadcast reach can live stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, RTMP destinations, and other streaming platforms simultaneously and/or embed the live stream or pre-recorded event into a website. For hybrid events, webinars and virtual trainings, on-air interviews, broadcasts, corporate all-hands, influencer events,  and more, BlueJeans Studio is the premier virtual event platform for live audience engagement. Key features of BlueJeans Studio include:

  • No technical integration: BlueJeans Studio is web-based and built into the Events platform to enable anyone to host, manage and create stunning events without any technical or AV support.
  • Ease of use: No production expertise required. A few simple clicks created beautiful, engaging video streams.
  • Cost effective: Brands can save thousands compared to hiring production and AV support to improve the visual appeal of any event. Event plans start at $42 per month.
  • All-in-one event platform: Send invites, secure the event, get post event analytics, and save unlimited recording hours.
  • Highest video quality: 1080p picture quality elevates the event and brand.
  • Highlight more presenters: Capacity of up to 150 presenters—more than any other event platform .
  • Host unlimited events: Monthly and annual plans allow users to host as many events as needed, rather than paying per event.

With no production or AV expertise required to create professional-grade live streams or videos in 1080p, BlueJeans Studio will bring the existing BlueJeans Events audience engagement tools and responses on screen to allow presenters to easily engage the audience with chat, Q&A, and polls in real-time and highlight audience comments and reactions on screen. Producers can also share uploaded videos, images, and screen shares during the broadcast. For private events, producers can leverage BlueJeans Event’s registration features.

Furthermore, the ability to add more presenters on screen with one click and change the onscreen layout creates a more polished event look meant to mimic TV production-grade broadcasting. Users can elevate their personal or corporate brand further using personalized logos, background and colors, ticker banners, name cards, lower third overlays and more to create  engaging and buzzworthy content that can be recorded, edited and shared over and over again. Launching as an included feature of BlueJeans Events, BlueJeans Studio will be available soon at no extra cost to an Events subscription.

Live streaming, virtual and hybrid events are here to staylearn more about how to make them sizzle with BlueJeans Studio and sign up for a preview today.