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Eliminating Mobile Meeting Struggles with Dolby Voice for iOS

When taking part in a video call, especially on a mobile device, it’s easy to focus on the visual component – but what about the audio experience? While video quality is important, people need clear, HD quality audio for their conference calls and video chats to be most effective. 

At BlueJeans, our intelligent, mobile experience is built on eliminating traditional audio problems that still plague many meetings. Dogs barking, car horns, babies crying, and the airport loud speaker all fall into this category. To make high quality audio a reality, we partnered with Dolby to integrate the incomparable Dolby Voice into the BlueJeans Meetings platform, thereby creating the best meeting experience on the market. 

Since then, we have incorporated Dolby Voice audio into our mobile apps, making crystal-clear audio available for Android users and for the BlueJeans iOS mobile app. Now, iPhone and iPad users can benefit from having Dolby Voice in every BlueJeans meeting for superior noise reduction and unmatched spatial sound.

BlueJeans for iOS with Dolby VoiceDolby Voice brings spatial audio and background noise reduction.
BlueJeans mobile app displays all your upcoming meetingsBlueJeans' mobile app displays all your upcoming meetings.

No matter where users join a video call – whether it’s in the car, at an airport, or riding on a train – meetings using the BlueJeans iOS mobile app happen without worrying about sudden background disruptions or struggling to hear other meeting participants. In other words, the types of things that force people to go on mute or not participate are no longer an issue. This integration ensures that those on the other end of the line receive the benefits of extraneous noise reduction, preventing the mobile user's environment from disrupting other attendees. 

The BlueJeans mobile app with Dolby Voice features:

  • Dolby Voice HD Audio—Hear stunningly clear voices for better comprehension.
  • Noise Reduction—Eliminate noisy background distractions. 
  • Voice Positioning—Hear each voice from a distinct location, like being in-person. 
  • Natural Interaction—Minimize delays and confusion when multiple people are talking. 
BlueJeans low bandwidth mode Low bandwidth mode is accessible with one swipe for easy access.

For conserving data or when traveling in places with a poor or inconsistent signal, BlueJeans also offers low bandwidth mode so users can go audio-only with one swipe. Providing a similar experience to dialing in via the phone, the BlueJeans app prioritizes best of breed audio that’s better for both mobile users and attendees on the other end. Dolby Voice HD audio paired with the BlueJeans mobile apps brings peace of mind and a better, more productive experience to users everywhere. 

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