Effective Video Conference Calls


With the advances in technology, video conference calls have become the new normal. The biggest advantage to video conferencing is the direct increase in efficiency and productivity. Many businesses are now taking advantage of video conferencing to communicate with teams both near and far. For this reason, it is important to understand the proper etiquette for video conference calls and how to conduct effective video conference calls.

Equipment Preparation

The first step in having an effective video conference call is making sure that you have all of the necessary equipment available. This includes a computer or laptop with a webcam, microphone, speakers, and an internet connection with sufficient bandwidth. It is also important that you test your equipment before the meeting begins so that you can troubleshoot any problems ahead of time.

Download Updates

Assuming you have chosen the best video conferencing platform for your call, it is important to make sure it is updated. Nothing creates panic in a video conferencing host like a software update that downloads right when the meeting is starting. On the morning of your call, open the software and check for updates. This will provide ample time for any updates to download without any time constraint. Reboot your computer and open the software again to ensure everything is set up correctly. If any dashboard changes were made in the update, this extra time allows you to do a brief overview and be better prepared to host an efficient call.

Preparation is Key

The key to successful video conferencing is preparation. Before you begin your call, make sure all participants have been briefed on what will be discussed during the call and that everyone has read any relevant documents or reports prior to the call starting. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page and that the conversation does not get off-track due to confusion or misunderstanding. Additionally, make sure that each participant has access to all materials needed for the meeting – such as PowerPoint slides – so they do not need to search for them during the call.

Being on Time and Focused

It is essential to be on time for your virtual meetings. Your punctuality shows respect to your colleagues and demonstrates that you are serious about the work at hand. Furthermore, being present and attentive during a video conference call requires focus and discipline – just like it would in an in-person meeting. If possible, ask each participant if they can log onto the call 5 minutes before it is scheduled so they can familiarize themselves with any features they may need (e.g., screen sharing) and can test their audio/video settings if needed. Finally, make sure to silence any background distractions such as notifications from your phone or laptop as well as external noise sources such as pets or children.

Proper Etiquette for Video Conference Calls

When participating in a virtual meeting, there are certain rules of etiquette that should be followed by everyone involved. Just like in-person meetings, good manners are just as important in virtual meetings as well!

  • When speaking during a video conference call, make sure to look into the camera when possible – this helps build rapport and conveys professionalism.
  • Dress professionally because even though people can’t see your full outfit online, they can still see what you’re wearing from the chest up!
  • Avoid multitasking while on the call; this sends a message that you're not paying attention or taking things seriously which will lead to decreased productivity during the meeting.
  • Video conference calls require a lot of communication between participants from different backgrounds and cultures which means it's important for everyone involved to treat one another with respect during conversations. All participants should try their best not to talk over one another or interrupt someone else who’s talking.
  • Avoid sounding too casual; ensure your language remains professional throughout the course of the meeting so nobody takes offense by something you said or did unintentionally!
  • Don’t forget about nonverbal cues; be aware of your body language when communicating with others over a video conference call – even though you can’t see them in person, your facial expressions still communicate a lot! 

Video conferencing has become an integral part of modern day business communication due its convenience, cost-effectiveness, and direct increase in efficiency and productivity compared to other methods of communication such as email or telephone calls. By understanding how to conduct effective video conference calls as well as using proper etiquette while participating in them, professionals can ensure they get the most out of their virtual meetings!

If you're not already using video conferencing for your business, now is the time to start!

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