To stay ahead – in business or academia or whatever your industry – it takes real collaboration with partners, customers, vendors and colleagues around the globe. Often times the best way to invent, discuss and work together on a global basis is via video-collaboration. It saves costs and is about as good as it gets when it comes to meeting with colleagues “face-to-face” outside of in-person travel.

But… it’s a scary world out there. There are real security concerns as evidenced by this New York Times article where Rapid7 exposed Goldman Sach’s boardroom video conferencing vulnerability.

According to the article and Mr. Tuchen, CEO of Rapid 7, “New [video] systems are outfitted with a feature that automatically accepts inbound calls so users do not have to press an ‘accept’ button every time someone dials into their videoconference. The effect is that anyone can dial in and look around a room, and the only sign of their presence is a tiny light on a console unit, or the silent swing of a video camera. "Any reasonably computer literate 6-year-old can try this at home”.

From pharmaceutical companies to venture capital firms, trade secrets are important to keep safe and secure. That’s why at Blue Jeans we offer a secure “meet me” video conferencing service in the cloud, where no-one has to dial IN to anyone else’s equipment. With a “meet me” service, everyone dials OUT. Think of it as an audio conferencing bridge, just for video. It allows people the flexibility to connect easily from the most popular video endpoints including video-conferencing room systems like the ones in the article, and consumer applications like Skype or Google by simply clicking a link or dialing a number, but it also provides peace of mind with strong security features like:

  • “Dial-out” so hackers can’t easily pipe into your system and watch sensitive conversations unfold. With Blue Jeans in the cloud, no one needs to dial into your network and compromise your firm’s security. You can turn that feature off on your systems.
  • Visible and audible alerts any time someone joins or leaves a meeting along with an active roster of participants and controls to video or audio mute, remove participants, or lock a meeting so no one else can join.
  • Default encryption on all standard video signaling protocols including H.235, secure SIP, SRTP, AES and https:// with SSL for all web sessions
  • Administrative control for group/user management, so IT can add, manage, remove users, set security levels, encrypt meetings, and view usage across the organization
  • Protection of user privacy with temporary meeting ID’s so no “buddy information” is shared and additional PINs can be easily selected for extra security
  • Intelligent NAT detection in the cloud so that businesses can deploy video systems behind simple NAT firewalls without worrying immediately about complex and cumbersome “gatekeepers”

With Blue Jeans secure “meet me” video conferencing service, you can get the best of both worlds; video collaboration without sacrificing security. Sign up for a free-trial today »