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Dolby Voice Joins BlueJeans Events: Upgraded Audio for Enterprise Live Streaming

Is there anything worse than audio drama during a town hall? We’ve all been there. The presenter’s mic sounds muffled, crackled, echoed, tinny, crunchy, too loud, too soft, too far away. Among the countless adjectives used to describe poor sound quality, they all have one thing in common: When attendees can’t hear, the preso is pointless. The good news? Now, Dolby Voice is available for BlueJeans Events to enhance the experience for global audiences with noise reduction and enterprise-ready sound quality.

Broadcast Better Audio
BlueJeans Events with Dolby Voice intelligently connects presenters and participants through a flawless audio stream. High-capacity town halls, all-hands meetings, and corporate presentations need the best possible sound regardless of endpoint or join location. Removing background noise to ensure that all attendees can clearly hear speakers guarantees your content is delivered seamlessly, every time.

We’ve learned from BlueJeans Meetings customers how vitally important it is for all participants to clearly hear each other. In fact, poor audio quality and audio disruptions are said to be the number 1 productivity killer in a collaborative meeting. Makes sense — if you can’t hear, you can’t work together! Large streaming events deserve the same level of audio sophistication, and we’re excited for Dolby Voice to make BlueJeans Events even better.  

Uninterrupted Large-Scale Communication
Never leave your audience scratching their heads. BlueJeans Events with Dolby Voice allows attendees to clearly hear presenters’ audio no matter where they join the live stream. Desktops, mobile devices, and conference room systems receive the audio signal as if speakers are talking face-to-face with attendees.

Superior Sound Meets High-Definition Video
Built-in Dolby Voice support provides theater-class audio for BlueJeans Events. Now, upgraded audio quality complements your video-enabled streaming presentations for a digital content experience designed for the modern enterprise. Psychologists claim that 55% of communication happens nonverbally, such as body language, facial expressions, and other gestures. The other 45% is represented by tone of voice and the actual spoken word. The Dolby Voice integration with BlueJeans Events delivers a comprehensive and immersive visual and audible experience for any audience in the world. 

The next generation of online streaming is here—BlueJeans Events delivers crystal-clear audio with Dolby Voice for thousands of attendees and co-presenters. Bring your audience the quality they deserve and try our best-in-class streaming solution today!