When you’re using Dolby technology, a sound is not just a sound. Listening to music, watching a movie, or even just calling someone is an immersive experience. Dolby, you can safely assume, knows sound and video better than most businesses. And as you would expect, its employees have high expectations of audio and video technology. So when Dolby’s previous collaboration tool failed to meet its employees’ expectations, you can imagine what happened.
The previous solution was a combination of a meetings platform and collaboration devices that allowed point-to-point video calling between conference rooms. It was plainly inadequate for a company with offices across the globe — and teams who need to constantly collaborate regardless of where they are in the world. “We’re a company full of senior engineers, scientists, and researchers who come up with great ideas. But they don’t do this in a bubble, and they don’t sit in the same office together, says Curt Hodge, Dolby’s Senior Director of IT Global Infrastructure.
So, not surprisingly, there were always complaints about the collaboration tool. When Hodge talked to business leaders about their IT infrastructure pain points, it always topped their list of concerns. “The first thing that would come up was that the platform was too hard to use, or the audio or video quality was bad, and it wasn’t meeting the needs of people working from home,” says Hodge.
BlueJeans to the Rescue
Having piloted BlueJeans Meetings and Rooms, Hodge and his team decided to speed up their rollout. “That made the complaints go away almost overnight,” says Hodge. “Our teams have since been able to easily jump on calls and use BlueJeans to collaborate and share ideas.” Dolby employees quickly adopted BlueJeans Meetings — and now an average of 2,000 are using the platform. They love how Meetings gives them a consistent video conferencing experience and makes it so much easier to set up or join a meeting. And they especially enjoy the clearer and richer audio experience provided by Dolby Voice®.
Integrated with BlueJeans, Dolby Voice suppresses background noise to minimize distractions during calls. It maintains a consistent volume level for all speakers — soft or loud — to make sure everyone can be heard. Because it lets participants hear each voice distinctly, it’s so much easier to follow a conversation. “The fact that BlueJeans doesn’t get in the way of running or attending calls and meetings also makes the experience more immersive,” says Hodge. “I’m not hearing any static. The technology just kind of blends or disappears into the background, and that makes everything more natural and less fatiguing given how much time we are spending in calls now.”
Dolby’s clients are equally impressed with BlueJeans. “By and large, the feedback we get from our external partners who are new to using BlueJeans is, ‘Wow, this is great,’” says Hodge. “There’s always some kind of comment about how they’re not happy with the tool they’re using and how BlueJeans seems much easier to use.”
Staying Connected Through BlueJeans
Dolby has also implemented BlueJeans Events, using the platform for large internal gatherings such as all-hands meetings. According to Hodge, Events has become essential for connecting with Dolby employees across different offices. Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, business leaders have relied more on the platform to engage staff members, taking advantage of its interactive features such as chat, Q&As, and polls. “We hold question-and-answer sessions with our leadership team, and that’s where people ask questions and vote during polls. It allows them to provide input on what they want the leaders to talk about,” says Hodge. “And I think Events has been a key part of keeping our communication and connectivity while we’re spread out due to the pandemic,” he adds.
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