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Do Your Meeting Rooms Need to Be Modernized?

Modern meeting rooms are multi-purpose, highly productive collaboration spaces. These rooms are designed to provide quick, flexible settings for scrums, team meetings, sales calls, casual breakouts, and one-on-one conversations with both in-person and remote teammates, partners, and clients. Meeting rooms may also support collaboration features like screen sharing, meeting recording, AI meeting assistants, annotation, and interactive whiteboarding—ideal for brainstorms, interviews, presentations, and more.

According to Wainhouse Research, there are 30-50 million meeting rooms in existence. Many of these rooms still contain legacy equipment, which include traditional speakerphones and projectors, or nothing at all. However, trends point to the number of meeting rooms only increasing as organizations include modernized conference rooms in new building plans and rework existing offices in favor of smaller, easy-to-use, and more flexible meeting spaces or huddle rooms. Huddle spaces are set to take over the modern office space but determining how to outfit them can be difficult.

To assist you in the process, we’ve outlined critical features, use cases, and benefits to consider across four key evaluation criteria in our Playbook for Modernizing Meeting Rooms.

Criteria for Modern Meeting Rooms

Read the playbook to learn more about how these four criteria impact your employee productivity. We’ll detail the four types of meeting spaces that organizations need to outfit, how to get more value out of existing room system equipment, and the process for choosing new rooms technology for new spaces. It’s an excellent resource for discovering how your meeting spaces can be transformed.

Download the Playbook for Modernizing Meeting Rooms and start your transformation today.