The Infamous Video Call Tax

In a letter to Jean-Baptiste Leroy back in 1789, Benjamin Franklin famously wrote, “But in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Today, however, BlueJeans is doing something long called for yet seemingly impossible to accomplish—we are ending the video call tax in the enterprise once and for all.

BlueJeans Rooms provides a one-touch video conferencing experience for any meeting room

Businesses commonly experience a range of video call tax issues, such as the “Where is that Feedback Coming From? Tax” and the “Where Does This Cord Go? Tax”. Who hasn’t suffered through an experience where the screen freezes up at a key moment, the pure comedy that ensues while one person can’t get their audio on and another participant tries to help, or even the floating faces that pop in and out of the meeting? And then there is that humbling moment when you realize that even though you are a college-educated adult and a seasoned executive who can handle the art of the deal, you can’t figure out how to get audio and video to work simultaneously in a virtual room full of people.

We estimate that workers spend about 15 minutes of every meeting connecting cords, dialing in, and dealing with technical glitches. By the time they get into a meeting, they forget why they’re there or it’s almost time to wrap things up. With problems like this, it’s no wonder that video conferencing adoption has occurred at a slow boil.

At BlueJeans, we’ve worked to eliminate the video call tax since our inception, and we’ve done it without compromise across our solutions for meetings, large-scale events, and over social media. Today, we’re getting rid of the video call tax everywhere else in the office, providing workers of all ranks a tremendous amount of freedom. We’re showing them what video can be and introducing a better way to communicate.

At BlueJeans, we see live video as the most powerful and transformational communications tool in business, and we operate with the firm belief that it doesn’t have to be complicated. To reach the point where interactive video reaches its potential and becomes part of the workplace culture. And when businesses are built as video-first, video has to be as easy to use as a computer or mobile phone. It needs to be something that every single member of a company can utilize without questions or confusion. It simply needs to work.

Introducing BlueJeans Rooms

With our latest cloud-connected video system, BlueJeans Rooms, joining a video meeting is just like turning on the lights. One touch and your meeting starts, the technology works, and you get things done. Any space can instantly and seamlessly come to life as a dynamic, interactive meeting room.

We’ve made things easy for IT departments as well. Every BlueJeans Room can be managed through the BlueJeans Command Center—a centralized console that monitors every room’s status, usage, network conditions, participants, scheduled meetings and more. And we are offering this to customers for a subscription that any company can afford.

Part of our excitement about BlueJeans Rooms comes from initial reactions to the experience it provides and its ability to live up to its promise. Just two months ago, we identified a short list of beta customers from around the world that could provide feedback about how they use it and how it could impact their operations. The response has been astounding as BlueJeans Rooms fills a vital gap for organizations.

We had covered everyday meetings on desktop, mobile, and existing room systems with BlueJeans Meetings. We took events and all-hands meetings to a whole new level with BlueJeans Events, and we even offered companies the means to develop an incredible social presence through Facebook Live with BlueJeans Streaming. Now we’ve launched the everyday experience where ANYONE in the company can walk into a meeting room—even the smallest room in the office—and instantly connect with someone via live video. With BlueJeans Rooms, we provide the final piece of the puzzle to enable live video conferencing to truly take root across the enterprise by making every room a video-enabled room.

But Don't Just Take Our Word

To see BlueJeans Rooms in action and learn why Wainhouse Research analyst, Ira Weinstein, called the BlueJeans Rooms experience "exceptional," check out this report. Alternatively, please contact our team here and they will be happy to answer your questions.

We hope you’ll join us in eliminating the video call tax with BlueJeans Rooms! Click the image below to view an interactive online demo and explore the innovative features and benefits:

One-touch video conferencing for any room throughout your workplace

Check out the online demo for BlueJeans Rooms.

Editors note: This post was originally published December 2016 and has been updated for accuracy.