Microsoft Teams is one of the best conferencing tools to use for businesses of any size. However, some people may wonder if it's possible to connect their existing conference room equipment to Microsoft Teams in addition to smartphones and computers. If you want to connect conference room equipment to Microsoft Teams, including SIP phones and other hardware, you can use a Microsoft CVI. Here we'll discuss what Microsoft CVIs are and how you can use them to integrate your CVI video conference room setup into Microsoft Teams.

What is a Microsoft Teams CVI?

A Cloud Video Interop (CVI) is a type of third-party solution that Microsoft has qualified to enable third-party personal video devices (VTCs) and meeting rooms and to connect to Microsoft Teams meetings. CVI is intended for use as a kind of intermediate service that helps businesses migrate over to Microsoft Teams.

CVI is ideal for customers who:

  • Have deployed over 50 devices that aren't capable of connecting directly with Microsoft Teams
  • Receive support from a Microsoft-certified CVI partner
  • Want to avoid investing in new devices and make use of their existing systems to maintain cost-effectiveness

If you meet these criteria, a CVI approach is likely right for you.

How does CVI work?

When deploying a CVI, there are several phases involved. Generally, the process will consist of planning, configuration, provisioning, scheduling, and joining.


When deploying a CVI, the first phase will entail identifying a specific partner or multiple partners to use. Organizations should also identify the different devices they won't replace with another Teams-compatible device, which the CVI will support. You will need individual licenses for each user to enable them to schedule meetings using a CVI-enabled device.


A CVI partner will be able to provide you with a complete deployment document that details the steps needed to successfully connect your devices to Microsoft Teams. Configurations could include device configurations, IP ranges, firewall ports, and other types of settings.


Provisioning will entail assigning licenses to users based on the configuration guide that the CVI partner provides. Additionally, you may need to review the Azure Consent process to enable your partner to access the Microsoft Teams environment.


Once you have enabled a user for Microsoft CVI, they can schedule a meeting using the Teams Client with information added to connect CVI-compatible devices to meetings.


Depending on the CVI partner, there are several ways users can join CVI video conference-enabled meetings. Some partners will enable Interactive Voice Response (IVR), direct dial, or one-touch dial that eliminates the need to type a dial string.

After deploying your Microsoft Teams CVI, you can then manage your devices using your partner's solutions.

If you're looking for the right partner to help you integrate a new or existing conference room system using a CVI, BlueJeans offers a cost-effective and reliable solution to ease the transition to Microsoft Teams.

Use BlueJeans Gateway as your CVI service

BlueJeans Gateway is a Microsoft-certified CVI that makes it easy to connect Microsoft Teams to your conference rooms and non-native hardware. Our comprehensive SaaS solution is compatible with thousands of configurations using brands such as Poly and Cisco, which can eliminate the need to purchase and connect new hardware.

BlueJeans Gateway is incredibly easy to deploy using your room systems, without any need for added infrastructure or project management in the long term. In addition, our solution automatically provides security patches and upgrades software to minimize downtime. To make things even easier for end-users, we provide them with a one-touch experience that's compatible with every room system. If you're looking for the perfect CVI to help with Microsoft Teams migration for your conference room systems, BlueJeans is here to serve as your dependable partner. Using our Microsoft CVI, you'll be able to save on conferencing solutions and benefit from the many features that Teams has to offer from your conference rooms.

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