The COVID-19 pandemic has been, by far, one of the biggest personal, emotional, and business challenges of our time—affecting the world’s population at large.

And while many organizations have been able to get their employees successfully up and running working remotely from home, there is presumably going to be a time here soon when people start returning to office—something that nearly 75 percent of remote workers look forward to, according to a Glassdoor report published in SHRM.

With “Return to Office” or “Return to Workplace” on the horizon, companies need to plan meticulously to handle in-person workplace situations in the safest way possible. Beyond determining who comes in when and where each person should be permitted to go, leadership will need to work closely with IT, facility and people operations to establish safety and sanitization guidelines, seating arrangements and other office configurations like conference room setups.

Did you know that BlueJeans Rooms, with its configurable wallpaper options, can also be used as a digital signage solution to display enterprise level safety and sanitization guidelines? It’s true! Enterprises can use the default as well customized wallpapers to spread awareness about the enterprise-wide safety and sanitization guidelines from within the confines of your conference rooms.

Practicing safety in the workplace doesn't have to be mundane. Learn more about how you can configure these wallpapers to jazz up your conference rooms and better suit your enterprise needs.

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