About Red Hat

Red Hat is an American multinational company that provides open-source software products to the enterprise. Best known for its Red Hat Enterprise Linux operation system, Red Hat is the largest corporate contributor to the Linux kernel. It also creates, maintains, and contributes to many open-source and free software projects. It ultimately sells subscriptions for support, training, and integration services that aid customers in using open-source software.

As a multinational business that is based on the ideal of cooperation, it is key that the organization can communicate effortlessly and effectively across its offices globally. Red Hat uses BlueJeans for internal collaboration as well as external facing massive interactive meetings and conferences. 

Uses: Internal Team Collaboration // External Interactive Conferences

The Challenge

Red Hat needed a way to elevate their collaborative spirit from individual conference rooms to the Red Hat community at large. Dealing with living, breathing projects, Red Hat sought a solution that could connect thousands of participants simultaneously to discuss and drive decisions that would affect all parties involved in real time. This needed to be achieved with a solution that offered professional quality, accessibility and ease-of-use.

We’re excited to begin using BlueJeans Events to connect with thousands of participants simultaneously and discuss ways to drive decision making across Red Hat in real-time.

— Lee Congdon, CIO, Red Hat

Red Hat + BlueJeans

Collaboration has never been stronger and remains a cornerstone for Red Hat. As Red Hat continues its expansion in the United States and abroad, it can now instantly bridge the gap between thousands in order to make possible cooperative and seamless decision making in real time.

Since introducing BlueJeans, Red Hat has also been able to connect entire communities outside of the open source code world, particularly on matters pertaining to individuals in the technology space. Recently, it participated in the first installment of the “Women in Tech” series with BlueJeans. Red Hat’s supervisor of voice and video collaboration, Chrissy Linzy, hosted hundreds of women in the tech industry to discuss how they could leverage data to drive their decisions.