About Red Hat

Red Hat, Inc. is a multinational software company that provides open source software products to the enterprise community. Founded in 1993, the company has its corporate headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina, with thousands of satellite offices worldwide.
Best known for its Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system, Red Hat also creates, maintains, and contributes to many open source and free software projects. Ultimately, Red Hat sells subscriptions for support, training, and integration services that aid customers in using open source software.

The Challenge

As a multinational business with more than 13,000 employees spread around 85 offices globally, effective communication on a large scale is key for keeping the collaborative culture alive throughout the organization. Red Hat champions a collaborative working environment as a central part of its culture, but the company needed a way to elevate that spirit from individual conference rooms to the international community of employees.

Tasked with integrating teams across multiple continents, the IT team at Red Hat sought an easy-to-use, professional solution that would connect thousands of participants simultaneously and maintain worldwide accessibility among both employees and customers. In addition to needing a video conferencing platform to collaborate internally, Red Hat was also looking for a way to broadcast large-scale external-facing interactive meetings and conferences.

Red Hat + BlueJeans

Since introducing video conferencing with BlueJeans, collaboration at Red Hat has grown exponentially. As the company continues its global expansion, live video bridges the gap between thousands and empowers employees with a tool that allows them to meet, collaborate, and move the business forward, no matter their individual locations.

Red Hat uses more than 10 million minutes of BlueJeans each month, according to Joe Giffo, Network Engineer at Red Hat. Employees use the meetings platform to host day-to-day meetings from their desks, mobile devices, and video-enabled rooms, and BlueJeans Events is used to broadcast company town halls and hold monthly department all-hands meetings.

Uses: Internal Team Collaboration // External Interactive Conferences

And while everyday meetings are essential for a thriving business, Red Hat also uses BlueJeans Events to have an even greater impact on employees, customers, and the public. BlueJeans has enabled Red Hat to connect entire open source code communities through live video broadcasting and events.

For instance, the company broadcasts Red Hat Summit—its annual user conference—using BlueJeans to allow people from across the globe to experience the event. Using the platform, Red Hat can connect thousands of people who otherwise could not participate and allow them to view the conference. In this way, they are able to showcase the latest and greatest in open source technology to people around the world.

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