One of the biggest challenges our customers face when thinking about their offices is how to approach designing and equipping meeting rooms. There are many reasons for this. Companies may be expanding to new offices as businesses grow. These days more and more teams are utilizing video conferencing to include a diverse workforce who are geographically dispersed. New working styles and encourage cross-functional collaboration, breaking down the traditional siloed approach to work. Many offices are now open plan, so organizations are looking at spaces and rooms to enable collaboration and focused teamwork.

This brings us to the Huddle Room. If you feel like you are constantly hearing about huddle rooms these days – there is good reason for that. Recon Research predicts that more than 30 million huddle rooms are online now, and estimates the number growing significantly in 2020. The spotlight on huddle rooms comes from the fact that huddle rooms offer the right mix of having a flexible, collaborative space while being simple enough to outfit and equip without extensive planning. These small to medium, often multi-use spaces provide the best options when employees need to meet quickly or collaborate in groups, without having to fuss with the technology that facilitates their meetings.

The Power of the Huddle Room paper by Recon Research published last year provides a comprehensive guide to huddle rooms and how best to approach the technology to outfit them. In this paper, Ira M Weinstein, Managing Partner of Recon Research, provides an overview of the huddle room concept and the challenges that come with equipping them. He also offers an in-depth tool that organizations can use to choose the right system for their huddle spaces.

In this video, Ira Weinstein shares Recon’s research on huddle rooms and provides helpful tips to enable your huddle room strategy.

Join the Huddle Room Movement
At BlueJeans, we believe in the ‘Huddle Room Movement’ to boost productivity and collaboration in your office spaces. One of the best things about huddle rooms is that they can be perfectly flexible to suit your office space and the working style in your organization. Your huddle rooms can be as detailed or as sparse as you wish. What should be constant regardless of the type of huddle room is technology that embodies simplicity and flexibility.

BlueJeans Rooms provides you multiple options to design huddle rooms catered specifically for your organization. This flexibility is not only offered through the features of BlueJeans Rooms with Dolby Voice that offers unparallel simplicity and collaboration (One-touch Join, Join with Proximity Sensor, In-room Whiteboard Mode, MultiService, Intelligent Scene Framing to name a few…) but also the ability to get these rooms in a way that works for your organization - either buying it or subscribing to it as a service.

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